Vital Public Speeches You Need to Know to Help You Become a Better Entrepreneur, Part 02

Vital Public Speeches You Need to Know to Help You Become a Better Entrepreneur, Part 02

Vital Public Speeches You Need to Know to Help You Become a Better Entrepreneur, Part 02

The process of learning is a constant thing that always happens even when we are technically finished with several grueling years of academic studies. Our minds are always searching for new thoughts and ideas to better understand the world we live in, and this is generally considered as a good thing. One of the ways we often absorb new information is when we listen to lectures or speeches presented by other people.

The reason why oral presentations are often viewed as ideal channels for gathering fresh ideas is because humans are predisposed to exploring or challenging ideas that they’ve never heard about. It could be a speech presented at a graduation ceremony, a piece shared at a wedding banquet, or even a discourse delivered at an important business conference—whichever the case may be, there’s no shortage of where you can find new things to learn.


Another important reason why speeches are often sources of inspiration for most people is that they encourage people to exercise their creative and analytical capacities. Throughout history, society has often confronted a wide variety of issues thanks to speeches delivered by high-profile individuals ranging from politicians and philosophers, artists and entrepreneurs, to scientists and religious figures. Most people look up to such personalities because their words carry significant weight that have the power to influence the way the public thinks.


Furthermore, the thematic content or subjects in a speech is always indicative of a person’s public image, and so people would often react with surprise if a person they admire talks about topics that they’ve never thought would even discuss on the record. Thus, the power of a great speech should never be taken for granted, especially when speeches have the ability to plant seeds of undiscovered learning within a person’s mind.


Of course, it can be difficult for the average person to accept new information, especially if he or she is so entrenched in their personal beliefs. But individuals who are open-minded and have the attitude of embracing new ideas may have a better time adjusting to new lessons, particularly if such fresh concepts are able to help them gain a deeper understanding of a subject that they’ve previously had no knowledge about. If you consider yourself to be the latter rather than the former, then you’re definitely someone who can make a difference in the world.

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We currently live in a time where so many people still don’t have an awareness of the major issues affecting society on a global scale. Therefore, it is our responsibility as educated human beings to raise our awareness to such vital concerns so that we can be part of the solutions being created rather than being contributors to the problems we are facing today.

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If you’re looking to be inspired by some of the world’s most thought-provoking speeches, then look no further than the ones published by the TED Conferences. TED (the acronym for Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a media organization whose slogan promotes the concept of “Ideas Worth Spreading”. The organization’s focus has significantly broadened from its original trinity of subjects to include topics that range from scientific, academic, social, cultural, political, financial, commercial, and artistic fields.

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Many famous luminaries from various professional sectors have been featured in a TED Conference and their speeches—commonly known as TED Talks—have gained global recognition in the press and online audiences for promoting ideas that challenge the way we see the world. Previously, we featured a great collection of motivational TED Talks that touched on a wide variety of subjects. Here are some more inspirational TED Talks to watch so you could expand your worldview and learn some new lessons to help you on your personal and professional journey as an entrepreneur.

Try Something New for 30 Days
Matt Cutts

Sometimes, all you need to make a strong point is exercising a bit of brevity, and that’s exactly what programmer and software engineer Matt Cutts did during his TED Conference appearance. Indeed, at just under four minutes, Cutts’ TED Talk is perhaps one of the shortest—if not the most brief—TED Talks currently published. The genius of this particular discussion is the fact that Cutts simply encouraged the audience to make the most out of their time by trying something new in their lives and sticking to that activity for thirty consecutive days. When you really think about it, anyone can improve their lives within a month if they put all of their genuine efforts into committing to a positive habit.

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Furthermore, you’ll be surprised at the amount of new things you can do, learn, or discover in just thirty days if you allow yourself to become a bottomless receptacle for knowledge. There’s literally no stopping you from conquering the world one day at a time, especially since all it takes is thirty days to achieve personal greatness and fulfillment. You can watch the full video of Cutts’ inspiring TED Talk here.

Your Elusive Creative Genius
Elizabeth Gibert

It can be a little intimidating for anyone if he or she is branded as a genius by society, and this kind of pressure may have some debilitating effects upon the individual in question. This is the dilemma that bestselling author Elizabeth Gilbert bravely confronts in her funny and warm TED Talk about rethinking the way we perceive and harness our creative and mental capabilities. Gilbert shares to the audience her fears and anxieties about how she might never again attain the stratospheric heights she reached with her book called Eat, Pray, Love. Despite her uncertainties, Gilbert remains positive by viewing the concept of genius as a separate entity that can be accessed during the creative process, rather than using it as a label to describe a person with advanced abilities.

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She was inspired by this very notion when her research led her to stumble upon this information that had its roots in Ancient Greece and Rome, where the society of those two pillars of civilization happened to perceive genius as something that was divine or spiritual in nature as opposed to being an inherent attribute in humans. Gilbert’s charming and humorous delivery on a very intriguing subject matter makes for an interesting nineteen-minute discourse. You can watch the full video of Gilbert’s inspiring TED Talk here.

Why We All Need to Practice Emotional First Aid
Guy Winch

When one hears the term “first aid”, the immediate thing that comes to mind is the first line of defense when dealing with physical injuries. However, have you ever stopped to wonder if first aid can be applied not just to physical wounds, but also to those inflicted upon our feelings and emotions? This is the game-changing premise that psychologist Guy Winch addresses to the enraptured audience in his revelatory TED Talk. Winch proves to be a funny yet deeply engaging presence throughout the seventeen-minute long speech where he espouses the value of repairing the damage caused towards our mental and emotional states, which are considered harder to deal with than physical trauma.

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Winch cites various facts and examples which proves that when people don’t take care of themselves from an emotional and mental point of view, then that could lead to serious life-threatening consequences. Winch challenges the audience to be more aware of their thoughts and emotions—particularly in times of grave stress or despair—because when people are able to prevent the worsening of emotional wounds caused by negative factors in life, then they will be able to live stronger lives defined by empathy and positivity. Watch the full video of Winch’s TED Talk here and read some choice bits of his speech right below:

Embracing Otherness, Embracing Myself
Thandie Newton

The concept of identity is something that most—if not all—people often have a hard time pinning down because in the world we live in today, individuals cannot establish a true sense of identity because of factors such as race, gender, politics, religion, and other socio-political themes. Critically-acclaimed and profoundly talented British actress Thandie Newton confronts this particular issue with her warm and wholly illuminating TED Talk where she opens up about her personal struggles about identity and how it relates to achieving personal success. As one of the few actors in the world holding a university degree, Newton studied anthropology during her youth and came to realize through her studies that how we perceive ourselves has a lot to do with awareness.

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Newton describes how people can become better versions of themselves if they tap into their very essence and use it to channel positive energies into everyday life. The central conceit of her subtle yet impassioned speech is something that could truly have life-changing applications if people are open to pursuing the idea of embracing their inner selves. You can watch the full video of Newton’s inspiring TED Talk here.

How the Worst Moments in Our Lives Make Us Who We Are
Andrew Solomon

The world we live in isn’t perfect, and people will sometimes face moments of prejudice, discrimination, hatred, and tragedy in their lives. But this isn’t to say that such life experiences aren’t worth anything; in fact, we could forge a better path in life if we take these negative elements of life and use it as fuel to walk a road filled with purpose and positivity. This is the incredibly powerful lesson that award-winning writer Andrew Solomon presents in his TED Talk that delves into the topic of adversity and social injustice. Solomon shares his experiences with both humor and gravitas; allowing the audience to understand the importance of taking pride in one’s personal identity in order to generate depth and meaning.

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His twenty-minute speech outlines how we as a society must stand up against the forces of oppression and refusing to allow such negativity to define our lives. Instead, Solomon implores us to tap into our humanity and exhibit higher levels of compassion, understanding, and empathy as a way to combat everything that threatens the peace and harmony in our lives. Through this way of thinking, we can transform our world for the better rather than for worse. You can watch the full video of Solomon’s inspiring TED Talk here.