5 Ways to be Happy after a Breakup

5 Ways to be Happy after a Breakup

5 Ways to be Happy after a Breakup

Breakups are hard for anyone, especially because they affect the emotional and mental sides of ours. They have the tendency of emotionally drain any person and keeping them in self-doubt forever. People keep wondering what they did wrong in the end. But it is best to keep the breakups behind you and take a look at the life ahead.

Some of the ways of recovering from a breakup and emerging a happier being are:

1. Refocusing on Life Goals

refocusing on goals

Refocusing on life goals that had somehow taken a backseat during the relationship helps you gain focus of what’s truly important. When refocusing on goals, you get a new motivation to perform in the highest capacity possible instead of sulking in the aftermath of a failed relationship.

It also puts the focus back on you and your strengths instead of looking for reasons of failure of the relationship- for which you might blame yourself in parts.

2. Work on Your Hobbies

work on your hobbies

Remember those little hobbies of yours? Playing guitar, singing lessons, playing a sport, and so on? It’s time to pay heed to those desires and immerse yourself into the new possibilities of learning a new art. You can do amazingly well for yourself and almost completely put behind the breakup if you work on your personal skills and hobbies.

With each hobby, comes series of expectations, hard work, little successes and failures that you will put behind your relationship for good.

3. Travel


Travel is one of the best healers. When you travel, be it with friends or solo, you get a new perspective of life. You realize the vastness of the space rather than worrying about a minor breakup. You can choose either a spiritual or an adventurous, or simply a relaxing break from life.

A good break from the routine life will put the breakup and the relationship behind you and you’ll come back with new experiences- rejuvenated and recharged. You will be charged up to take up life from a new angle instead of going back to the past.

4. Count Your Blessings

count blessings

So what if a relationship didn’t work out? Count the list of your blessings. You’ll realize there are plenty of things you have that you take for granted. Be it a loving family- whom you have been ignoring, a wonderful set of friends, a good job, nice comforts, and so on. Everyone has some things they can be grateful for, count them.

Count your blessings and you’ll realize there is more to come and one bad doesn’t mean much.

5. Don’t Stalk

dont stalk

Stalking your ex will never let you be happy. You need to understand the importance of letting go. Don’t stalk your ex, live and let live. They are called ‘ex’ for a reason. Look forward to new challenges of this beautiful gift of life, look out for new experiences and new surprises it carries. Don’t look out for old relationships, don’t look out for old connections.

What is done, is done. Even if you think the relationship can come alive again, give it some time rather than stalking and make matters worse.