Smart Goal Examples for Work

Smart Goal Examples for Work

Smart Goal Examples for Work

Any project or task is viewed as a success if the project’s goal is achieved. A successful project not only needs hard work but also requires a proper strategy to achieve goals. Setting up of Smart Goals for the project will lead to definite success.

smart goal should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound.

Example : A Project goal is to deliver new Software application to the client within one month as per requirements.

1. The Particular Project

the particular project

Goal should be defined clearly. It should be specific in terms of what, why and how.

Example : A Project goal is to deliver new Software application to a client within one month as per requirements.

Here what refers- to provide software application.

Why refers - to why the clients need it.

How refers – to as per requirements.

2. Measurable


The project goal should be such that it can be measured or evaluated from time to time. By monitoring each and every stage of the process, we can assess the solid progress.

Example : Each and every stage new software application should be tested, evaluated by the team members. It will help in the deployment of software to the client.

3. Purpose


When you are setting forth to achieve the goal you should clearly understand the reasons behind it.

Example : What is the primary objective of the launch of the software

4. Resources


In the process of developing the software there is a possibility, and then you may need to pick up some other software modules.

Example : This will help the software testing project to develop new traits.

5. Achievable


Project Goal should be achievable in nature. It should be attainable, should fall under the abilities of someone to achieve it.

Example : To deliver a software application a skilled team is necessary for developing, testing, and deployment of software. When there is a lack of qualified employee, the goal is not achievable.

6. Realistic


Project Goal should be realistic in nature, should not seem as unrealistic to achieve. Also, the goal should be relevant so that team members can complete it within a given period.

Example : Suppose while in between the goal achievement process too many new features are added in development then whole work will be complex and goal will become unrealistic.

7. Time Bound

time bound

There should be a specific time limit to accomplish a goal.

Example : As in the example mentioned above, there is a time-limit of 1 month. Employees will take care of their work by considering this time limit. It will add importance to the task.

Accurately defined goals help individual team members or team to achieve desired results otherwise if goals are not precise desired outcome will not achieve. So thus, we can see how using smart goals we can achieve success in any work or project.