Smart Goal Examples for High School Students

Smart Goal Examples for High School Students

Smart Goal Examples for High School Students

Smart Goals are rigorous, accurate, result-oriented and can be tracked. The whole idea of the schools is to have the students begin their journey in life by setting definite goals. On the education front, there is a distinct clarity and vision.

One can also allow us to measure progress in the best possible way. There is also a useful assistance in developing a plan as well.

1. Specific


For the brilliant goal to be specific one needs to find answers to the questions “ What is the motive behind the goal” and the reasons for why you want to accomplish in the first place.

2. Measurable


They should be proper criteria for measuring the goal. You need to find answers to the question on How much and when you measure the progress. You also need to stay on track and reach your outcomes and target dates. You also need to find answers to the question of How will I know it is accomplished.

3. Attainable


You need to find out goals that are attainable for you. You need to plan the steps and establish a time frame that will allow you to carry out the action plan. You need to evaluate the progress periodically and adjust it if the need arises.

4. Realistic


The goal should present you with a distinct objective for what you are working. The planned outcome for the goal should also be reachable. If the goal is far reaching, it will help you to make substantial amount of progress

5. Time Bound

time bound

The goal should be surrounded by a definite time frame, and when you are formulating the time frame see to it that it is reasonable. There should be equal intervals in place so that the progress can be tracked.

6. Betterment


When you write a goal, the main objective of it is how do you make it better. Say for example a goal will be “ How do I get in shape” the answer to this question is go to a gym and try to get in shape. In the case of students, the goal can be “ On how do I improve my grade in Maths from the last semester” the answer is yes one can improve on it.

7. Purpose


Look at the purpose of making the goal in the first place. In the case of students, the task would be to improve your grades and make a bright future in the days to come. If you feel weak in a particular field, then how do you improve it.

To sum it up good goals are used in a variety of settings, be it the business, personal or the professional front. No surprises to the fact that they are used in the school settings.