Why Smart Goal Setting is Important?

Why Smart Goal Setting is Important?

Why Smart Goal Setting is Important?

We all have desires and wishes. But it is essential to define them in terms of smart goals to ensure that we extract maximum benefit with minimum effort possible. Here are some important reasons why you need smart goals in your life.

1. Smart Goals help you create “Better Focus” in Life


Tips To Achieve Your Goals

Focus means to give your attention to what is needed and remove your attention from the unnecessary. Goal setting requires you to focus on the task at hand. But if you plan to be super efficient in your efforts by setting smart goals, your ability to focus is critical. It is the quality that helps you to execute your plans even in the presence of distractions. Hence, you will agree that smart goals help you to become more focussed in life.

2. Smart Goals Increase your Self Awareness

self aware

Journey to Self Discovery

An important thing to keep in mind while setting smart goals is that we must act in a way that we can use our natural gifts and talents. Due to this you must analyse your own nature and understand your strengths and weaknesses. Everybody has some forms of strengths and weaknesses. You may be good at writing but not good at public speaking.

Whatever specific strengths and weaknesses you have, smart goals make you look at yourself and thereby improve your understanding of your nature.

3. Smart Goals bring a Higher State of Joy


Positive Affirmations

When you set smart goals, you clearly define your true desires. You also specify the strong resolve to give your best in trying to achieve that. This brings a deep underlying joy. This is the joy of “Doing”. You are happy to act in a certain way because those actions mean getting close to your dream.

Don’t confuse this joy with the joy of success. Getting happy when you succeed is based on your success, the end result. But the joy of “Doing” is pure. You are simply happy because you are here right now, taking action and getting closer to your goal. This action gives you deep pleasure. Because it matters to you.

4. Smart Goals help You to Inspire Others

inspire others

Inspiring Things to Be Successful

When you set smart goals, it is an acceptance to the fact that the goal matters to you and you are going to get it. You start taking actions and persist till you succeed. This sends a message to others and inspires them to do the same. They too feel that they can openly go after their dreams and perhaps just like you, may go on to succeed in life.

Do you feel inspired by someone? What did that person achieve that made you look up to them? Do you see how their thinking and actions have invited you to take on your own dreams?

5. Smart Goals decrease your Effort and improve your Perfomance


Self Improvement

In order to set smart goals, you need to be smart about your planning. This implies that you put in less effort but at the same time maximize your results. It is not difficult to see that smart goals help you to raise the overall quality of your efforts. This means minimum effort and maximum results.

6. Smart Goals improve your Self Confidence


Build Self Confidence

As you set smart goals, work persistently and gain personal victories by succeeding at your goals, your get more confident. You begin to trust in your ability to set and execute a plan. This is a tremendous boost to your confidence. It also acts like a major self-doubt buster. In fact, the more goals you achieve, the more confident you feel.

7. Smart Goals boost your work energy


Gain Confidence

Just like the growth in your confidence, another product of your success from smart goals is the increased work energy. With each little success, you recharge your energy. You become more eager to work, to tackle bigger challenges and get closer to your dreams.

8. Smart Goals strengthen your Self belief

self belief

This is the long term benefit of succeeding at smart goals. As you get used to tackling small challenges, you’re training your mind to believe that you can prevail in the face of tough times. Every goal presents its own challenges. But when you consistently get better at succeeding at those goals, your mind learns that your capacity to endure is more than you think.

This unconscious learning is a great source of self-belief and strength.

9. Smart Goals improve Clarity in Life


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Not everything can be understood by merely thinking about it. Clarity in life is gained sometimes from experiences, whether success or failures. Setting smart goals often lead us to gain clarity about our true desires. It maybe that you set a certain goal and only after putting in some effort that you realize that you don’t really care about it.

Often times, people take up career in a field that don’t necessarily interest them but pays well. Only after working at the job for some time and realizing how boring it is, do they “gain clarity” that they are better off chasing their own passion.

10. Smart Goals make you take a Unique Path in Life

unique way

Maintain Momentum in Life

As you clear your desires and set smart goals to achieve them, you will often travel a different path. If you are determined to follow your intuition and do what truly matters to you, you will most certainly take the road less travelled.

This makes you unique. People begin to identify you by your values and priorities. They also develop a sense of respect for the courage that you display in chasing your dreams.

11. Smart Goals help you to make big changes in the Long Run

long run

Make Your Life Big

If you want to shift career, they very thought of it can be overwhelming. However, if you are a person who regularly sets smart goals to achieve your desires, you will eventually find a way to shift to the new career. It may not happen overnight (it never does) but you surely have the ability.

This is so because you are used to setting meaningful targets. Even when you aim to make a big change, you can always break it down into small, more manageable milestones that add up to form the much wanted change in your life.