12 Early Signs to Detect an Anxiety Disorder

Nowadays, the level of stress is escalating rapidly. This is the reason; people are getting an anxiety disorder in them, even at a young age.

Here are 12 ways in which you can detect whether you have an anxiety disorder or not.

1. Panic

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If something ordinary happened and still, you started panicking over it. This reflects an anxiety disorder in you. Getting stressed easily is one of the signs showing you have anxiety.

2. Self Doubt


If you always tend to be self-conscious and express self-doubt even though you are talented enough; then it also is a sign showing you are suffering from an anxiety disorder.

3. Over Thinking

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If everything is going normally without any hindrance and still your mind is over thinking on small topics; then it shows you are going through an anxiety disorder.

4. Compulsive Behaviors

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If you obsess over puny things and get stressed over it again and again; then you may be going through anxiety disorder.

5. Having unnecessary Flashbacks

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If you are not able to stay at peace due to flashbacks of the things you did wrong a long time ago, then it also reflects the circumstances that you are suffering from anxiety disorder.

6. Fear of the Stage


If you suddenly feel the fear of talking in front of a lot of people, the fear of the stage where many people will be looking at you, then you must be going through anxiety disorder.

7. Having Muscle tension

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Due to extreme stress all the time, getting tensed easily and lack concentration; your body gets harm too. Your mind is connected with your body. If you stay stressed, then your body will have muscle tension. This also reflects anxiety disorder in you.

8. Insomnia


If you are experiencing a lack of sleep, even if you try to sleep still are not able to, then it is a sign of your going through an anxiety disorder.

9. Chronic Indigestion


It is also one of the signs showing an anxiety disorder in you.

10. Over Reacting on small issues


If something minute happened and you started over reacting to it then, it is a way of detecting that you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder.

11. Not able to control Emotions

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If you are getting too sad and depressed over small things and are unable to control your emotions anymore, then it is also a sign of anxiety disorder prevailing in you.

12. Worrying too much

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If you have started worrying over small matter a lot; then you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder.

If you have these traits in you, then you must treat yourself for it. Having an anxiety disorder is very uncomfortable and uneasy situation. Treat is as fast as you can.

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