Seven Trending Post-Graduate Jobs

Seven Trending Post-Graduate Jobs

Seven Trending Post-Graduate Jobs

Growing up is a pain, and so is education. From kindergarten, to high school, then university all in the hope of securing a better future. They say education is the key to success. Parents or guardians go to extreme ends to get their children educated. After toiling that hard for many years, the least you can expect is getting a job immediately you graduate from college. Unfortunately, this has not always been the case. However, this is not to dispute that it’s highly possible to land your first big job immediately after college.

Back in kindergarten, we all wanted to be doctors, pilots, engineers, and less of teachers. These careers looked very lucrative in out toddler minds. When you reach college, reality checks in and you realize that being a doctor is not really your calling.

Since mathematics was your weakest subject, you try to choose a degree course that has nothing to do with mathematics. Unfortunately, in this era, some students are still forced to live their parents dream, regardless of their passions.

What do you do when after graduation you still can’t land a job in your field of study? Do you stay rigid and wait for your dream job, or do you loosen up and take any job that you are qualified to do. Well, that is a tough one, but in case you need help, here are some the most trending jobs.

Accounting and Business Management Positions


Business courses have proved to be very lucrative in the market. Everywhere you go, most employers are looking for someone with a business background.

Public Service

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These are government funded positions. Fortunately, some of these positions rarely bias on a specific course. This makes it easier for any postgraduate to try.


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Micro financial institutions are cropping up every single day. This makes it easy to get banking jobs. Currently, investment banking is the in thing, which risk takers are willing to plunge in.

Armed Forces

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You are wondering how the army has anything to do with your postgraduate degree? Wake up and smell the coffee. Currently, the army hires a lot, looking for people with a minimum of a degree in specific fields. It doesn’t necessarily mean you are signing up for fighting. Army jobs are very lucrative.

IT and communications


This is a wide sector requiring communication, information technology  and telecommunication experts. Some employers look for graduands wth degrees, where as others go for experience.



As graduands' love of law increases, so does potential employers'. You do not have to work in a court or law firm. You coud end up in the business sector or NGO’s. The sphere of law is very wide.

Oil and Energy Sector

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Jobs in this sector are very popular. Unfortunately, the job appilcants are never enough. Big oil companies are going to  extend of providing scholarships for graduands who are interested in this field.

Being a post graduate and still out in the cold looking for a job is one of the thngs that make you think you selected the worst career course. When the time is right, you will get that job you are yearning for. However, you have to be proactive and invest inmany ways of getting trending and job alerts.