20 Things to Do When you Get Bored

20 Things to Do When you Get Bored

20 Things to Do When you Get Bored

We all engage ourselves in the activities that interest us. Anyways, it is a lot many times that we indulge in the pass times in which we have no interest at all. One reason for getting bored during the work that we do is that we are not paying optimum attention to what we are doing. But, boring moments or days fall in everyone’s life.

We all have different ways of dealing with our boredom. In the listed points, there are various suggestions to try if boredom persists in life:

1. Change


Similar routine, same jobs, same hangouts, same friends seem to tire after a little while. To come out of the boredom of this perpetual routine life, one needs a change in life. One can go for a holiday or trip for relaxation. This not only relaxes the restlessness growing inside but also refreshes our senses in order to pursue our regular life better.

2. Movies


It is a common problem among students of getting bored while studying. Watching movies is a relaxation they can easily avail, if getting bored. They need to understand that learning can be attained from anywhere, and movies are a great source of inspiration, for learning and gaining new perspectives on life.

3. Hobbies


Sometimes we just keep flowing with the flow of life, constantly straining ourselves under its pressures. When you get bored with your work, it is a good time them to take up on your long lost hobbies. It can be music, dancing or writing. The key is not to waste away the time in which you get bored instead to do something creative and productive.

4. Read


Many people don’t develop a habit of reading in their entire lifetimes. They are surely missing on something magical. These times of boredom are best to take up on reading and explore its treasures. This will surely keep you miles away from boredom.

5.Social Media

We all have recourse to social media today. It has become a part of our everyday life. We all resort to it when we need a break from our work. It not only amuses us but makes us aware of the life of other people and lot many other important things.



Sleeping is seen as a waste of time by many people. But, if you are getting bored and restless with your constant working hours then a power nap is what you need. It refreshes and makes you active and also takes away the lethargy that enveloped you.

7. Cooking


Food is a common favorite of a majority of people. We all love to eat our own personal favorites. So, if you are getting bored then cooking can be a really entertaining past time. Creatively enhancing the dish, preparing the plates, dicing the veggies can be fun. And the best part is that you get to eat it too!

8. Rearranging Shelves

We often live in a mess while we are busy in our daily routine. We don’t keep our room, our shelves, our clothes clean. So, if you are getting bored then rearranging or redecorating your shelves or room is a good activity to indulge in.

9. Workout

Spending time in a vague slumber while taking an off from work is not the only way to tackle boredom. Workout hence can be a good pass time to catch up on your physical fitness and health. It gets you active and charged up for the tough day ahead.

10. Moving Out

moving out

Sitting at a single place and working there constantly often tires the mind and body of a person. The key is thus to move out. Get up from that place and go out for a walk, or for a quick food etc.

11. Chatting


Friends are truly the saviors in our life. They can actually save us from the hours of boredom. So one solution can be to chat with friends, and not just an idle talk, it can be on life, or interests, gossip or any other random stuff.

12. Future Plans

future plans

If your present doesn’t seem to satisfy, you can any day pick up your pen and start writing your future plans. They can be regarding the places you want to go, the companies you want to work in, the adventures you want to take up etc. Planning your future creatively is a way to fight boredom also and be prepared for future also.

13. Helping Out

helping out

It is seldom that we take time out of our busy schedule to help out people who live with us. It can be our mother, father or any other family member. Such change in behavior will not only kill boredom but will also make you and other people feel better.

14. Games


If you are getting bored by constantly doing a work then gaming is the option to which you can switch. It is a perfect entertainment for passing one’s time on computer or phone.

15. Meditation or Yoga


We all are often times enveloped by a restlessness or frustration with life. At this time, meditation or yoga is the way to calm yourself and regain the lost interest in your work. It in a way revitalizes you for heading in life positively.

16. Shopping


If you are getting bored, just pick up your wallet and go for shopping. This activity passes your time, amuses you and makes you feel happy at the end of the day.

17. Tutorials


In our daily life, we are stuck up with similar kind of work. So, at the hours of boredom, just watch random tutorials to learn different things. It leaves you feeling learned and contented with the way you spent your time.

18. Makeover

make up

Sometimes even our looks begin to seem monotonous and we yearn for a change. If you feel bored at any time of the day, then it can be the time for a makeover. One can go for a haircut, spa or facial to bring a change in the appearance. It causes a positive impact on you and makes one feel a change.  

19. Plan a prank


When our mind is free and ready for something different, the most devilish plans make way to our brain. So, don’t sit idle but, make some pranks to use it on other people for fun. It not only entertains you but, some other people also on whom the prank is played.

20. Writing


Writing is one habit which lets you pour out your thoughts on the paper. If you are getting bored then don’t hesitate to pick up a pen and paper and describe whatever comes in your mind. It is creative as well as healthy to let your thoughts be out once in a while.

The only thing that matters is not to too much complicate or get indulged in your life. Do not compartmentalize it within boxes, but step out. Boredom is a blessing in disguise; it gives you a chance to be constructive and liberates your thinking from the usual.