Positive Affirmations for Love

Positive Affirmations for Love

Positive Affirmations for Love

Positive Affirmations for love. Humans cannot live without air, food , water and love. One can find love in life by using positive Affirmations for love. If you want to attract love in your life, you have to first give out love. The affirmations given here will help you become a loving person. Love takes many forms. The love between mother and her child , between two friends, two lovers, two life-partners and so on.

1. I Am Surrounded With Love And Everything Is Fine


Pure Love Everyone Must Know

The Affirmation is meant to inculcate a feeling of peace and happiness in the world surrounding you. Once a person feels so , naturally a sense of Love is generated , it can be for nature , for your friends , for your partner, etc. This affirmation when said daily feeds the subconscious mind with love and thus Love is what comes out.

2. My Heart Is Always open And I Radiate Love 


Start Practicing Self-Love

Everything you do right now ripples outward and affects everyone. We are all wired to find love and when we meet some one who radiates it , we naturally crave their company. The Affirmation makes one accept every body with open heart without any negative thoughts which in turn makes you shine and generate positive thoughts and energy.

3. All My Relations Are Long Lasting And Loving

long lasting

Ways to Love Growing

 Love is the energy which attracts us all . Love also nourishes our body, mind and soul and even the holy people like the Yogis and saints understand this. The thought that you celebrate life and love everyday fills the mind with positive energy and maintain the relationships in life. Understanding your partner perfectly and with confidence , generates long lasting relations.

4. I See Everything With Loving Eyes , And I Love Everything I See 

i see

Love Within is the Love Without

The Affirmation in itself has a beautiful meaning . To love the world and fellow human beings as they exist and howsoever they are , they are beautiful , is a very strong positive thought which generates love from the very start of the thought.

5. My Partner Is The Love of My Life And The Center of My Universe. He Loves Me As Much As I Love Him

i love

6. In Life I Always Get What I Give out And I Always Give out Love


7. I Encounter Love In All My Relationships And I Love These Encounters


8. I Deserve Love And I Get It In Abundance


9. I Have Attracted The Most Loving Person In My Life And My Life Is Now Full of Joy


10. I Love Myself And Everybody Else And In Return Everybody Else Loves Me

love all

11. Everywhere I Go I Find Love And Love Is Joyous


12. Whatever Be My Relationship, Love And Forgiveness Is The Foundation of That Relationship


13. I Love With Compassion And Understanding


14. It Is Important That I Feel Loved And Secured


15. I Am Wonderful For My Uniquely Wonderful , Loving Family


Love is the base of all relationships. The above affirmations create and generate the positive vibes and feelings in the subconscious mind so that love flows out of one’s personality , when one speaks or works.