Now Is Your Time - Time Management

Now Is Your Time - Time Management

Now Is Your Time - Time Management

1. Visualization


Visualization or positive imagery is the image of what’s positive in your life. The difference between achievers and non-achievers is time management. While achievers control their time, non-achievers let their time control them. Time is valuable and for better Time Management it is important to visualize your time on a daily basis. Visualization will help you to programme and schedule your activities.

2. Idealization

be creative

Idealization is accomplished by individuals who believe in themselves and have confidence in real world application or action steps. Identifying what you want to accomplish is the next step to completing your goals. No matter how much business or how busy your schedule is you have the potential to do a little more every day. With every creative idea or image, we’re able to produce thoughts, imagination to become successful over time.

3. Information


Knowledge and wisdom of success and failure is also a key to successful time management. Information applied with wisdom, will eliminate ignorance and errors. It can also empower those who use information properly to become more successful in facing life’s challenges. Get information from those who have already achieved success. You won’t have as steep a learning curve when you learn from others what not to do.

4. Education


Education is essential to your future success. The secret to accomplishing your goals is to continue to educate yourself by studying what helped others to succeed in their areas of expertise. Knowledge of time keeping is understanding what we need to do to accomplish our goals. Knowledge applied with education gives us the wisdom to know what we must do to achieve success. 

5. Association


Association of a group or community of people who have common interests also helps you achieve your goals. One of the values of association is knowing the importance of connecting and networking with associates and organizations. The value of time is too little appreciated and cannot be measured by money.

There have been many people who have made millions of dollars by meeting the right person at the golf course, in an elevator or sitting next to a decision maker on a plane. Having the confidence to take advantage of an association is equally important to maintaining successful time management.

6. Action

take action now

Action is doing something, a thing done or produced. Those who reach their destination are men and women of action. We must challenge ourselves with a plan of action to reach our goals. Time is an age cycle and the duration to measure. You have to be a man or woman of action. Now is your time to Act, make up your mind and move forward. Do it Now. Make daily affirmations, become proactive and take advantage of your opportunities now.

There are three things to consider; a spoken word ,a rock that is thrown and a missed opportunity. So seize every moment, maximize every opportunity and you own every minute you have left to make a difference in your life. Time is not promised to everyone, it’s a gift that must be treasured and respected.