Funny Positive Affirmations

Funny Positive Affirmations

Funny Positive Affirmations

Certain people are born with a very unique ability of making others laugh by always saying or enacting exactly the right thing and that too exactly at the right moment. The difference between these people and us is only how their mind works. It is not impossible though to also become like them by changing the way our mind works and become more witty , funny and spontaneous. The positive affirmations are designed to bring out the inner comedian hidden in the mind.

1. I am Naturally Funny 


Achieves Happiness

We all have it inside us to be the funny person at the party who always makes everyone laugh, we just have to free up our mind and allow the right energy to come through. This affirmation gives a self confident feel that you too can have the ability to be funny and say the funny things at the right moment.

2. I Always Have Something Funny to Say 


Secrets of Happiness

To keep your mind stress and tension free is the tool so that the mind can have that free time to express and let you speak out or prompt the catchy points , the funny statements , the funny dialogues at the spur of the moment to make them sound and feel funny for others around you.

3. I See the Funny Side of Every Situation

funny side

Overcoming Negativity

This capability is developed by the person who has freed his mind from stress and has calm thinking attitude. He reflects himself with clarity into the ongoing conversations and develops the knack of picking up and cracking the most funnier things which are part of the conversation or have a bi-meaning of the same. You of course have to be intelligent enough to pick and select that.

4. I Make Others Calm with my Ability to Find Funniness in Stressful Situations 


Allow Positive Thoughts

Being intelligent and a good avid listener apart from having a mind free of stress and tensions is the qualities required for a person to be funny. No doubt such person becomes the most sought after for everybody as he is liked by one and all and becomes the life of all gatherings , big or small. Even in tense or stress ful situations the comedian part of the person works to make the atmosphere light.

5.  Become Funnier with Each Passing Day


6. I see the Funny Side of Life , More and More

funnier side

7. Others are Starting to See That I am a Very Funny Person


8. I am Noticing That others are Drawn to me Because I am a Very Funny Person

funny person

9. I am Feeling Wittier and More Funny Naturally


10. Life is Becoming Easier and Less Serious


11. My Mind is Becoming much Sharper


12. I love Racking a good Joke at the Perfect Moment


13. Coming up with Funny Things to say is Easier for Me


14. I can Calm any Situation by Having a Good Laugh


 I5. Find it Easy to Laugh at Myself and make Light of any Situation


Laughter is the best medicine for all diseases , it is said so and believe me it is definitely true. The lighter the mind and wittier the   thoughts,sharper the pick up and grasping of situation or conversations , the better the funnier side comes out of the p all ofabove your mind and body are naturally very healthy.