Law of Attraction Affirmations

Law of Attraction Affirmations

Law of Attraction Affirmations

 Law of attraction positive affirmations are here to help anyone who wants to ensure their mind is functioning in the highest state possible for manifesting and attracting that which they desire. The power of the law of attraction lies in the fact that whatever you think about and believe will ultimately become the reality you experience. Use positive affirmations to reprogram your thought patterns and ensure positive beliefs are held deeply and consistently within your consciousness .

1. All my Dreams are now Becoming a Reality


Design Your Own Success

 Dreams of love , beauty , achievements and contributions , all have a life of their own and to develop all or any of your dreams you need to nurture them with positive thoughts through your subconscious mind which then relates or builds the positive energy in your mind to work towards success and ultimately realize your dreams.

2. By Applying Law of Attraction , I Create New Opportunities in my Life Everyday 


Positive Attitude In Life

With a calm and peaceful mind one tends to think and make serious efforts with positive energy and create new opportunities for one-self thus generating success on the way. As the thoughts are so the life is. As I empower my thoughts with positive emotion, I become a powerful attractor.

3. Every Day I Attract People who Help me With my Goals 


Positive Affirmations Affect Your Lifestyle

One person can have a dream and to make it a great success a team is required which happens when you attract positive and like - minded people towards you. You must have the confidence to do so which happens when you affirm with this affirmation and visualize that whosoever you are attracting is right for your task.

4. Everything I Desire is Within my Reach 


Achieve Your Goal

This self boosting affirmation helps you to build up a first positive feeling that nothing is impossible and the target that you have in focus is achievable and within your reach. You just have to work towards it with a positive and energetic approach , then nothing can stop you from achieving your goalo

5. I Accept That my Life is a Reflection of my own Thoughts and Feelings


6. Everything That I do is in Harmony With the Laws of the Universe

i do

7. I Accept This Present Moment as my Creation


8. I Always Have the Choice to Re-Create my Reality.I am Becoming that Which I Think


9. I am Living the Life of my Dreams


10. I am Master of my Life and FutureI am the only one That Creates my Reality


11. I am the Source of my Happiness and Prosperity.I ask the Universe to Manifest my Dreams for me Today.I Become What I Think About Most


12. I am the Only one That Creates my Reality


13. I am the Source of my Happiness and Prosperity


14. I Ask the Universe to Manifest my Dreams for me Today


15. I Become What I Think About Most


 One must focus his attention on what one wants , and the Law of Attraction brings more of this into his life. what I focus on is what comes back to me, so I only focus on the greatest good for all.