Overcome The Motivation Lags To Become the Motivation for Others!

Overcome The Motivation Lags To Become the Motivation for Others!

Overcome The Motivation Lags To Become the Motivation for Others!

Time and again, humans have defied the widely accepted scientific theories and scientists who have defined human capabilities in detail and anything beyond that is considered to be a miracle or something abnormal!

In 1954, English miler, Roger Bannister just rubbished the claims that no individual can run a mile in just four minutes and if someone manages to do that, he/she will probably be dead after it! He not only did it but also proved all the theories wrong! Similarly, Dean Karnazes, American marathon runner, broke many running records due to his ultra-endurance. Once he ran 50 marathons in 50 days. These great examples have always proved that no human has limited capability and can achieve anything what he desires.

It can be said that the major hindrance in achieving those “IMPOSSIBLE” targets are our own self-limiting mind-sets. This fact logically and strategically relates to individuals from all walks of life. There is no such secret recipe that helps people excel in business, sports or any other field.

So, the common question that comes to everyone’s mind is: “How do they do that?”

It seems that the answer is so obvious and omnipresent, it’s the will power, determination and the conviction with which they do it is what makes them so successful! They just want to achieve and they want it so badly!

Rightly said by Steve Jobs, “If you don’t love it, you’re gonna fail.”

So it’s simple! There is no such anatomical, innate or analyzing skill that makes people achieve the impossible, it is how MENTALLY strong they are!

At the workplaces, what differentiates star performers from average performers is how smartly they thrive on pressure and stress; they are at their best during challenging situations! Key performers always keep on reinventing themselves and honing their skills to break their own records. They possess a tremendous ability to focus only on things that they can control and leave the rest.

The journey from average to star performer and from well-performing executive to the “C-suite” executive, not necessarily requires you to have innate skills, even by bringing a little attitudinal or behavioral changes in your working style, you can achieve newer heights:

1. Keep Your Cool

keep yourself cool

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You are definitely not going to win if you can’t keep calm and fall prey to stressful situations. Many believe that this trait is inherent, but with time and experience, you learn to enjoy such boiler-room operations that drive you to give your best. All you need is to focus on the goal and your self-improvement.

2. Rebound From Failures

recover from failures

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The ability to rebound from failures comes through strong focus on long term goals and objectives. These achievers just stay focused towards the goal and forget the rest. Though, they never fail to embrace the small achievements that come en-route to success.

3. Embrace Competition

embrace from competetion

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As they say, sometimes getting so deeply confident about your own abilities and judgment often puts you at odds with reality. In such scenarios, self-development gets stuck in over-confidence. Top performers never give up on learning, even if the learning comes from their rivals. Some smart organizations put their smart individuals against each other making them push themselves harder to beat the other. This turns these smart performers in world-class talents.

4. Revitalize Your Energies


There is no final destination to your success. All the achievements are the milestones and one must not sit back once the star-performer title is achieved. In fact, the real struggle starts from then, to keep on reinventing oneself and maintain the title breaking old records of your own. Keep looking for constructive feedbacks and keep experimenting with your capabilities.

5. Rejoice All Size Victories

rejoice all the victories

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Though the prime focus is always on the long term goal, but you must bot ignore the smaller achievements or victories. After all, these are the building blocks of your long shot to success. So make sure you celebrate each milestone achieved as it’ll remind you of all your hard work, dedication and passion as well as keep you motivated for the grand celebration at the final success.

These are a few behavioral traits that these winning individuals hold on during their journey to the ultimate success. Every individual can develop such an attitude through effective Talent Management & Self-learning programs that’ll help them Beat the Motivation Lags & Lit the Will to Win!