Overcome Shyness at Work

Overcome Shyness at Work

Overcome Shyness at Work

There are two ways in which we generally categorize people as introverts or extroverts. But still, we will agree that may a person be belonging to any of these categories, he ought to feel shy or a little out of place at the first day in his work place. For some people, it’s just an affair of few days, but for some other it becomes a part of their behavior. They are not able to open up and remain in a cocoon, waiting for an opportunity that people will come to them and accept readily.

Shyness or hesitation at the work place is a common affair but can be an obstacle if not readily dealt with. Here are some of the tips to break off this shell and come face to face with the world:

1. Confidence 


If you really need to get over this shyness in the work place, the first thing is to make sure not to be low on confidence. This is the sole attribute that can make your place amongst other people. However good you may be but, if you lack confidence to put it in front of others, then it’s of no use. People judge you by your work and way of conducting it. Hence, confidence must always be the backing spirit while you lead on your way. 

2. Outgrowing Influence


The work space sometimes has brilliant gems whom you admire and idolize. But, the correct path is not to get influenced by the good and feel affected to the level, that you start shying away from your own goods. The modus operandi should be to get inspired and try to move beyond that. Many people see the works of other people and then shy away from others as well as their own work. Admire the dignity of your own work and never shy away from showing it to people and consider their opinions, because that is what is going to take you far. 

3. Live up to your abilities

live up

One reason why people shy away from others is because they are not very sure of their own work and its worth. One must know his own strengths and weaknesses. In order to overcome shyness, produce something big and different. It is then that your work will give you strength to come out of the shyness you have been living in. The moment your work grows better than others, your attitude evidences a change and that’s for good. 

4. Communication


A work space is comprised of different personalities with different interests and strengths. When they come together to communicate, it’s like a learning process where exchange of ideas takes place. A shy person, who is deliberately trying to come out of shyness, must be a part of the communication if not a contributor. Just being a part gives you a sense of belongingness and a chance to observe other people and learn from them. It is only when you feel a part that you start talking and coming out with your own stuff. 

5. Initiative


Lamenting that other people are quicker in responding to opportunities is never on the bar of success. However shy you are, make an effort and try to initiate things. The shyness is only for a second but if you overcome it, the reward is a big and long affair. Therefore, just trust in your capabilities and initiate things, whether they are related to communicating or achieving. 

6. Stop Caring

stop caring

The most important lesson in overcoming shyness is to overcome the fear of people and what they might think. Others’ opinions matter but not as much as to hinder you from doing what you want. Whatever job is it, ranging from making you a cup of coffee, or going to the toilet for third time in a row or asking for a feedback even the juniors, never shy away just for what other people might say. 

Your business is always your business. You can make it or break it. Even if you are shy, be proud of it and try to use it to your advantage. The only way to achieve brilliance is by overcoming your limits. If shyness is your limit, then snap out of it and achieve brilliance in no time.