Example of Negative Thoughts

Example of Negative Thoughts

Example of Negative Thoughts

Words and thoughts can inspire and words and thoughts can destroy. They affects us in many ways. They control what happens to us. No matter what the situation or circumstances are, everything we do stems from our thought. Thoughts turns into feelings, which gets converted into actions and finally turns to results. Negative words can never give you a positive life.

It is necessary to watch your words if you want to free yourself from the clutches of negativity. Let’s have a close look at the words which induces negativity in our thoughts and let’s try to minimize using these words to stop negativity to creep inside our mind.

1. Always and Never

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When we generalize our statements in a negative tone, we generate negative vibes within us. Thoughts like “It’s always me who has to face all the failures” or “I can succeed” takes your mind on a negative track when you start thinking about all the negative happenings in your past and you automatically fall into the vicious circle of negativity.

2. Happens

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Statements like “What will happen if I will not be able to do this” or “Everything happens to me only”, where we do not know the consequences in the future but turns judgmental and gives a final decision of what will happen is a pessimistic way to look at the future. Remember to always hope for the best or else let future take its own course, do not try to evaluate it.

3. The Worst Part is


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Statements in which you yourself starts looking at the negative side of the story, you can never achieve a positive output. For example, “The worst part is I am not ready for it” , here if you yourself are not positive about something which has not even happened, you are likely to generate only negative thoughts about it in future.

4. I can’t imagine


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When you make yourself weak and dependent to some people or situation and cannot think of withstanding without it, you generate negativity and weakness within you. The sooner you turn weaker, the faster negativity creeps in. Statements like, “I can’t imagine to live without my love” makes you vulnerable.

5. I would have been

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Looking the future picture with your own glasses is not a smart way to deal with situations. When you think of something to happen the way you wanted and if it does not turn out that way, causes deep regret and pain. Statements like, “I would have been happier if got better grades”, where the occurrence is impossible or less likely to happen makes your present situation also worthless.

6. But, if

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Clauses like but, if drains away half your happiness. “I will be happy if I will win a jackpot” or “She is good but she has ego” are few of the example, where you make the entire thought negative by negating second part of your statement. Positive people speak only with assertion. Do not confuse you mind with a positive and a negative thought together, because you mind will listen the dominant voice of negativity.

7. I can’t

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When you make yourself a loser in the beginning, you are adding just negativity to you mind. Thoughts like, “I can’t help it” makes your mind to believe that you have lost the battle and you will not be able to win it. Refrain from using such negative words.

These are just few of the examples of Negative thoughts and words. To know what other words or thoughts adds negativity in your mind, do this small exercise – Start your day as you do daily and keep a close watch on your words. In the entire day, whenever your eyebrows get creased or you get worried on any thought, just pause and rewind the words in your mind to know what you spoke and jot it down. Repeat the activity for the entire day and note down all the statements.

Then by the end of the day, sit down calmly and look at the common pattern in those statements. Examine and assess all these negative thoughts and try to minimize using these words and thoughts on a regular basis. This exercise will definitely remove negativity from your thoughts. Stop dwelling on negative thoughts and refocus your mind on something positive. Remember, we can change the world by changing our thoughts. Death and life are in the power of the thoughts