Is it a Good Thing to Disappoint Your Parents Sometimes?

Is it a Good Thing to Disappoint Your Parents Sometimes?

Is it a Good Thing to Disappoint Your Parents Sometimes?

Coming across the topic of disappointing your parents may seem blasphemous at the very beginning. We’ve been conditioned to think that parents are there because God couldn’t be with every child. Therefore, we’re supposed to agree to each of their demands and never let them down, come what may.

To tell you the truth, there are basic flaws in the argument. Sometimes it is okay to disappoint your parents. At other times, it may be the best thing to happen.

Consider these few factors

1. Parents Aren’t You

parents arent you

Parents want the best for their child. But they aren’t the child themselves. So they forget that the child has their own persona, dreams, likes, and dislikes. Trying to please your parents may be detrimental to you in the long term if you don’t follow your own passions in life.

2. Parents Carry Their Biases

parents carry biases

You need to understand parents are humans before being parents. While they care for their child, sometimes they also try to pass on the biases to them. Children learn from their parents but it’s often acceptable to think for yourself and not follow your parents blindly.

3. Trying to Fulfil Parents’ Dream

reasons for disappointing your parents

There may be a situation where some of the dreams of your parents’ may be unfulfilled due to some reasons. While it is unfortunate, parents try to complete those dreams via their children. It is not really the correct way. Consider this, if you follow your parents’ dream and forsake yours, you’ll expect the same from your children. Effectively, most of the people will be following the dreams of their parents’ and remain unhappy somewhere inside of them.

4. You can’t be the Best You

you cant best you

We’re all different beings with our own sets of skills and limitations. To make best use of that, we must follow our own heart and come up with the best strategy for life. This may sometimes mean disappointing your parents and their expectations. Imagine, you wanted to be a chef while your parents considered it as a non-worthy profession. Would you follow your parents and give up your dream or would you disappoint them and live your dream? If you give up, you’ll be carrying a regret all your life which will be insulting to your parents at the end.

5. You Learn Hard Lessons that Way

you leran hard lessons

Parents might be angry but they understand that while learning, you’ll make your own mistakes. This will add to your learnings and you’ll come out as a mature and learned person out of the experience. For that to happen, sometimes you’ll be taking decisions that hurt your parents and disappoint them in the process.

Overall, it is not ideal to disappoint the two people who love you the most, and love you unconditionally. But there’s the point when you get to learn from the disappointments. Also, you get to do things that you really want to, even if it means your parents don’t necessarily approve of your choice.