Is Your High Self Esteem Unhealthy For You?

Is Your High Self Esteem Unhealthy For You?

Is Your High Self Esteem Unhealthy For You?

We all have that ideal image of ourselves which we try our hardest to achieve. We want to be able to love ourselves and to master the knowledge of our own abilities. All to interact with the world in the best possible way we can. We all crave to be the one brimming with confidence, unafraid to face the world.

There are a lot of people who lack self-esteem, but for today, we are going to focus on those who have a very high amount of self-esteem. And is that high amount of self-esteem unhealthy for you?

1. Blurring The Line of Self-Worth and Self-Absorption

Self-esteem, also known as self-worth, is described as acknowledging your own abilities and skills and being able to love yourself for who you are. Self-esteem is usually attributed as something positive, which it is, but there is also such a thing as self-absorption. Self-absorption is when a person cares only about his own skills, abilities and self and disregards everything else.

self esteem vs self absorption

People with high amounts of self-esteem can cross the line into this territory if they believe that everyone else is beneath them and are not worth paying any extra attention to whatsoever. People who are known to have high self-esteem are usually respected, loved, and looked up to as a shining beacon to be imitated in their way of life. People who are self-absorbed, however, are known to have huge egos developed from having too much self-esteem to the point that they begin belittling others. These people are despised, avoided and are generally viewed as nuisances.

2. Ruining Relations

Having too much self-esteem could lead you down a path where you lose your friends, make your family want to disown you, or even make your special someone want to leave you. This is because of the way people act if they have too much love, or esteem for themselves.

ruins relations

As humans, we are quite limited in our attention; if you care too much about yourself, what time do you have left to go out on the town with your friends? How much love do you have left to even try to go visit your parents? How much attention do you have left to take care of the person you are in a relationship with? Having too much self-esteem could lead down to an "I, me and myself" point of view on the world, and because of this, relationships get ruined.

3. Lose People's Esteem For You

This may seem minor compared to the past two notes, but it is just as crucial. You hold yourself in high regard that you act terribly in front of others, and that they don't matter. If this keeps up, no one will approach you, you'll end up alone because apparently, that's all you care about.

lose peoples esteem

We should all try our best in order to grow our self-esteem, to gain the confidence to go undaunted through life. But in the end, we should be careful not to become obsessed with ourselves, to be up there but never go over the edge.