How to Know you're in the Right Job?

How to Know you're in the Right Job?

How to Know you're in the Right Job?

If you’ve been working for a few years, every now and then, you are bound to question your decision of joining your current organization. You start wondering whether this is the right job for you and most importantly, whether it is the right profession. Well, you are not alone. There are enough things happening around us which contribute to these apprehensions such as a friend your age making more money, another friend being enviously happy about the nature of his job, and I’m sure there are lots more.

Anybody who likes to make consistent progress and grow as a professional and want to make more money would definitely like to weigh their options from time to time. Honestly, I don’t know one person who doesn’t want these things. Such doubts are very common. But sometimes when we get such thoughts, we start to feel that the job at hand is probably not the right one for you. Well, there is a possibility that this could be true, but there is also an equal chance of it being the generic urge of growth. For all you know your job might even be the perfect job for you. So, how to figure out exactly whether you are in the right job or not? Well, this post tells you just that.

1. Determining if your job is the right one for you

Determining if your job

The fact that your job is the right one for you is as much a gut feeling as a thoughtful idea. Sometimes you just know it. But sometimes confusion can get the better of you. So, these factors help you in analyzing your job and your expectations from it and come up with a plan.  

2. Perfect-match to your talents

Perfect-match to your talents

A perfect job is the one that makes you feel you were born to do it. Well, I went a little overboard with that. But you get the point. Each one of us is born with a certain set of talents such as a flair for writing, music, or being good with numbers. Basically these are things that we keep going back to when we have the time. It would be nice to land with a job that is a perfect match to these talents.

3. The blues indicator

The blues indicator

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Sunday evening blues, Monday morning blues, or feeling blue on any day, about showing up at work is a sign not to be ignored. No matter how much people deny, but it’s true that even the person, who claims to be 100% happy with his job, does not feel like going to work sometimes. This is fine as nobody is a fan of monotony. But, if you feel like skipping work way too often, you might want to consider skipping it permanently.

4. The moolah factor

The moolah factor

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Every week, two weeks, or month, whenever you get paid, do you feel happy? Of course, you’d be happy because money is always welcome. But the point to consider is whether you’re just happy or you are happy and content. If you belong to the latter category, it means the money you got justified your work. However, if you’re just happy, then you have some serious thinking to do. Do you think you are not getting paid enough because the work you do is far more superior and valuable than the monetary gains you make from it? If yes, it’s time to voice your concern and make that switch if required.

5. Willing to take up extra stuff

Willing to take up extra stuff


You would be always willing up extra responsibilities if you like what you’re doing in your current job. You would like to contribute more and sometimes even try and go out of the way to do that, such as developing the skills required for an additional task, etc. If you are ready to go the extra mile, then most likely you are in a job you want to keep.

6. Pride and glory

Pride and glory

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This one’s easy. Are you filled with pride when you talk about your job or your organization, to people? Do you like sharing with them what projects you are working on? If you answered yes, to the above question, it is clear that you like your job, believe in your organization, and you are very happy to be associated with them. If the answer is no, your goals may not be aligned with those of your organizations, or maybe even contradictory to each other. Believing in the mission and vision of your company will go a long way in determining how correct your job is for you.

7. Recommendations


Would you invite your friends and family members to join your company without any hesitation? We do not want the people who we care about to go through the things you had to experience. If you recommend your job or your organization to others, there are high chances that you would like to stay there as well.

Now that you know what you feel about your job, you can easily change your situation for better. If you think your job is not right, do not waste time and make that switch to happiness!