Good Thoughts for Life

Good Thoughts for Life

Good Thoughts for Life

When the grim determination is not enough, we need an inspirational reminder to keep ourselves going. Sometimes the simplest words, artfully arranged, can fuel us. Compact like military rations, a well-turned phrase or observation is a good thing to keep handy as you wander through life. Here are a few good thoughts for life that will help you in the long run.

1. Never Stop Seeing the World Through Your Inner Child's Eyes

never stop seeing the world

Ever watched a child playing and noticed a bit of jealousy that they can have fun with anything? A stick becomes a sword for a duel or if whirled around, it becomes the helicopter blades to help the child fly over the lava floor of the living room. It's imagination and you don't have to be jealous. You just need to exercise your own.

As we get older we tell ourselves that it's time to 'grow-up'. Yes, you have responsibilities, but meeting them doesn't mean that you have to lose your imagination. Artists, writers, and musicians are very good about keeping these things but if you aren't one of these, there is still no reason that you can't keep it as well. Grow up but don't grow old. There is no shame in keeping your imagination intact.

2. The only guarantee in Life is Change

change is guarantee in life

Are you in exactly the same place that you were when you were 5 years old? One of the things that can come of daily routine is the thought that 'this is how it's going to be forever'. Don't be silly. Change happens, for good or for ill, and you'll be there when it does. Will you be prepared, however? Don't forget that you can manufacture it on your own as well, if you have the guts to do it!

3. There is Always Something New to See or Do

there is always something

It's a huge world, with folks, new places, animals, and cultures just waiting to enrich your experience if you'll get away from that television and get out into the world. If you think you've seen everything, you are fooling yourself. Ever seen a rainbow spices poured like colored sands on display in the Souks in Morocco?

Have you watched it rain dozens of times in a single day while counting the surprising number of shades of green you'll find in Ireland? Travel, at it's best, isn't about how many famous monuments you can see, it's about the dozens of little things that stay in your memories because of the stark contrast they provide to the things which you are used to. So go and see or do something new. Why not see what a REAL curry tastes like, in India? The curry at home will never taste as good again, we guarantee.

4. Friends, Like Wine, Improve with Age

friends like wine

Old friends are the best and they only get better with years. We can relax in their presence and they know our strengths and limitations, often as well or even better than ourselves. As we get older, this becomes an even more precious commodity, especially with the ones who have known us since childhood or during other transformational periods. Hang on to as many as you can and as they say, 'Don't let the grass grow tall on the path to your friends house.'

5. 'If You Stay Up All Night Worrying about the Battle Then You will be Tired in the Morning When You Must Fight It.' - Old Viking Proverb

dont stay up all night

This one is a gem and if you memorize it and repeat it during hard times, it will empower you greatly. It makes sense, after all. If you let worry keep you awake at night then you will only be tired when you have to deal with the actual problems. If you can embrace this concept fully then you can teach yourself to sleep deeply and untroubled when the worry of crisis strikes you at night.

Fear and worry are there to make sure that you respect and understand the gravity of the issue, but don't let them be a chain to bind you to inaction. Get some sleep and go into that battle REFRESHED.

We hope that you've enjoyed these little nuggets of wisdom. Now get yourself a little blank book and start keeping the quotes that inspire you, so that you will always have them handy, and like the little rays of sunlight, they will shine for you when the night is cold and black. Stay inspired, folks!