11 Little Things for Happiness in Marriage

11 Little Things for Happiness in Marriage

11 Little Things for Happiness in Marriage

Even if marriages are made in heaven, life will remain here on earth, goes a popular saying. Unlike the process of falling in love, marriage requires long-term dedication, willingness to understand each other and create trust. All marriage relationships have their ups and downs, but if both partners take an effort to understand each other, it will lead to happiness and a lasting relationship. If divorce rates are rising alarmingly, it is due to a lack of effort to observe some regular routines rather than major personality or ego clashes.

Here are 11 little things to make your marriage happy

1. Master the Art of Appreciation

master the art of appreciation

Most often, you fail to appreciate when your spouse does something good. It could be a tasty tea, a snack, keeping the house clean, reminding an important date or event, or making a delightful dish. The taken for granted attitude can spoil a relationship fast.

2. Build Trust in the Relationship

building trust in relation

Trust is an important ingredient for success in family life. Whether it is related to finances or relationship with friends and family members, disclosing mistakes and lapses you tend to be suspicious of, will run into a rough weather.

3. Listen to Your Spouse

listen to spouse

Listening is an important element of successful relationships. If you are distracted or attend to other chores like talking on phone while your partner talks, it could hamper the good communication which is so vital for happiness.

4. Do Things Together

do things together

However busy you are, find time to be together whenever possible. It could be for a short picnic, dinner, managing monthly finances, cleaning the car, tending to the garden, helping children with their work, going for movies together, or an annual vacation to foster togetherness.

5. Remember Important Days and Give Small Gifts

remember imoprtant days and gifts

You must remember your spouse’s birthday, your wedding anniversary and other important days. Make your spouse happy with a surprise gift and a greeting early in the morning. If you are away, send flowers and greeting cards to show how valuable the relationship is.

6. Express Gratitude

express grattitude

Most often, you forget to express your gratitude for many of the things your spouse does. Small words of gratitude show how much you really care for them.

7. Take Part in Bringing Up Children

incolve in family decisoins

Caring for the baby and children is not the job of one partner alone. It must be shared jointly. When your spouse is busy with work or away for important meetings, try to squeeze in time to take care of the kids.

8. Never Use Words That Hurt

never use words that hurt

Your neighbor may be pretty or handsome but if you refer this in your conversation, avoid making your partner feel small. When you find a mistake or fault, be specific while talking to your partner. Don’t use the words-‘ you’ll always forget’, ‘you never get it right’, ‘you always mess it up’.

9. Have a Friends Network

friends network

Both of you should have friends with whom you can hang out ocassionally to discuss and share a lot of things about life. If you confine all activities within the family and marriage, it would turn out to be dull.

10. Maintain Space and Silence in Your Relationship

maintain space and silence

Don’t dig into the past life of your spouse or spy on phone conversations, social media or whatsapp messages. Give your partner the freedom and space to have their own private worlds.

11. Pay Importance to Appearance and Sex

importance to appearance

After a while, both of you may not pay much attention to your looks and sex. Good grooming and appearance can sustain the passion and fondness for each other. It will also help in wading of extra-marital affairs.

It may not take much time to fall in love but it requires lot of work, effort and dedication to make the marriage a success. You come from different families, cultures and may have different attitudes and interest. Instead of harping on the weakness of your spouse, both of you should build on your strengths to build a happy home. Both of you should find ways to achieve happiness and not copy the lifestyle of some other couples.