5 Purchases That Will Bring You Happiness

5 Purchases That Will Bring You Happiness

5 Purchases That Will Bring You Happiness

There are sayings like "The best things in life are free"; "Money can't buy you happiness". Well what if I said that those sayings are dead wrong. Money can buy you hapiness, or more accurately, it can buy you things that will lead to you gaining happiness.

So let's get those credit cards ready, here's 5 Purchases That Will Bring You Happiness.

1. A Pet


Pets don't grow on trees you know (unless you grab a squirrel from your nearest tree and call it your pet). But here's one example of something you could buy that will make you happy. A pet is loyal, a pet is your friend, and whoever said you can't buy friends is also wrong, as proven from the fact that most dogs, cats and such come with a price tag at your local pet store (and the adoption fee if you get yours from a shelter).

2. Food


You can't survive without food. But of course, there's a difference between survival and living. There are a lot of foods out there in the world to enjoy. The feeling of euphoria as you take the first bite, hmm hmm hmm happiness is a steaming plate, and a full belly.

3. Education


This may come as a surprise but nothing can bring you more happiness than seeing your son/daughter graduate. Their education is a purchase by the way, as you pay the school to take in your little bundle of joy and mould them into model citizens of the society. After all the years have gone by, it's not just your child's hard work that pulled through but your own as well. Watching you child march dressed in a toga brings tears of joy to your eye's, doesn't it?

4. Insurance


Ok, after going on about education, now I talk about insurance? Well, you don't need to be teary eyed with joy or brimming with laughter to be considered happy, do you? Sometimes, being secured, safe and content are things that people can call happiness. And what else could bring you such kind of happiness than paying for your or your family's insurance. Life, non-life and medical insurance- all ought to do the trick.

5. A House and Car

house car

Be the proud owner of a house and complete it with a car of your own. That is a demonstration of being happy simply because you have awesome stuff, and there's nothing wrong about that. Get yourself a great place to settle down, where you can raise a family, a cruiser of your own, as you drive around the town in style on relaxing drives. Both of these are purchases where although the prices can be quite steep, the rewards far outweigh the costs.

Money makes the world go round and happiness can be bought for the right price that is. Anyway, these are only my personal opinions on five things that ought to make you happy if you buy them, but in the end, only you can really decide. Get your credit cards and checkbooks ready- it's time to buy!