Female Biker Crews Fighting for Equality and Social Justice

Female Biker Crews Fighting for Equality and Social Justice

Female Biker Crews Fighting for Equality and Social Justice

Since the last past decade, it has been observed that the number of women on the road on motorcycles has risen in USA. As per the information provided by the Motorcycle Council ,there has been a tremendous 30 percent jump in the number of female bikers in the past decade which is really unbelievable. As the number of women riding motorcycle has raised, hence the number of clubs catering to enthusiasts is also increasing considerably.

One of the female only clubs in New York is The Miss-Fires. Though it happens that the outlaw biker women are very much second class citizens, still it is surprising that these women tended to be more loyal and devoted to the spirit of brotherhood than most of the men who are actually in it.

Scenario for Biker Women


Biker women are compared to street gang girls in terms of their gang participation and relationship with the gang members. The scenario of biker women has changed now a days. Earlier biker women were simply the partners in parties, but in modern outlaw gangs, women are expected to be engaged in economic pursuits just like individual men.

The changing role of the biker women has been influenced by the gangs due to the  increased involvement in crime and any other money making related activities. Biker women came from the backgrounds in which they had limited opportunities in the conventional world. They faced and suffered lots of exploitation and subjugation in the setting they entered in search of freedom for themselves.

Fighting for Justice

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Biker women usually considered themselves free from the domination of biker men. Biker women try to live their life as per their choice though it is evident that their choices were guided by their childhood. Most biker women are generally engaged in gang rituals and in economic pursuits like men. But still women biker is fighting hard for social justice.

They are still not getting the same benefit and status just like the male bikers. Till now women bikers are considered as property. They are not given equal respect just like male bikers. One positive thing among the women bikers is that the motorcycle club which they are forming in that all the members in the club strives towards sisterhoods which are rarely common in male biker club. Women are still fighting in this world for justice where male bikers are considered as emperors.

Gender Equality on Roads

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Through the use of social media, new generation of female bikers is finding and inspiring themselves and fighting themselves for the gender equality on road. They now don’t want to be treated as property. There has been starting a trend of coming up of female biker who are a kind of powerful women. Female biker crew has changing the thinking of the society.

They are somehow able to change the perspective of women in the society. There is a nod to the feminism. Now a day female motorcyclists across the country are coming together and into loosely bound groups such as Lita or Brooklyn’s Miss-Fires. Only Female riding events such as Babes in MotoLand in north-west Illinois and Dream Roll in Washington States are taking place on a regular basis.

Even commercial interests are also beginning to take place. For eg. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation, the largest provider of basic riding courses in US, prominently are coming up with the features of female instructors and riders. Moreover, Harely Davidson also begun female centric marketing campaigns.