Faraday Future vs Tesla - Which One Would be Ahead in Electric Cars Revolution

Faraday Future vs Tesla - Which One Would be Ahead in Electric Cars Revolution

Faraday Future vs Tesla - Which One Would be Ahead in Electric Cars Revolution

Before reaching to any conclusion between Faraday Future and Tesla as which one would be ahead in electric cars revolution, let us look at them both differently.

Faraday Future - Electric Cars

faraday future electri car

Though Faraday Future was founded just a couple of years ago, in 2014, it has come a long way to grow to 1000 employees since inception. Faraday has created a sensation with its announcement of launching intelligent and fully electric cars in 2017. Faraday Future is headquartered at California, U.S. Its currently involved in building a $1 billion factory in Nevada desert near to Tesla’s under-construction Gigafactory.

However, it’s odd that Faraday hasn’t yet announced its founding and it still remains non-existent to some car industries. Faraday’s announcement to launch electric cars by 2017 and the development of $1 billion factory sounds eerie as it’s a well-known fact that to obtain permission for production facilities and to come up with car designs may take years of planning. Moreover, such developments are not easy to conceal.

faraday future electric car

Faraday has not yet revealed how it will achieve its goal and what will the electric cars offer but the associates have been giving positive statements in media. The spokeswoman of Faraday Future, Stacy Morris, told Fortune that “What sets us apart from other automotive companies is our talent and nimble, unencumbered approach”.

The company is obviously sighting Tesla. Senior vice-president of Faraday Future, Nick Thompson, said in a statement that “Our range of 100 percent electric and intelligent vehicles will offer seamless connectivity to the outside world.”

Tesla - Electric Cars

tesla electric concept car

Tesla is a thirteen years old motor company headquartered in Palo Alto, California. Tesla was founded in 2003. This Public Owned company has its cars all over the world. As of 2016, Tesla has around 30,000+ employees.

Tesla Motors has already sold around 164,000 electric cars worldwide since 2008. The CEO, Elon Musk, said that the company aims at providing electric cars to average consumers at an affordable price.

tesla electric cars

As reported by Kevin Bullis on MIT Technology Review, “I recently took a test drive in one of Tesla’s luxurious Model S electric cars and toured its R&D labs, where it’s developing its battery and recharging technology. The experience left me believing that Tesla has an important edge over its competitors in the race to bring electric cars to the masses”.

Tesla has been working rigorously in developing batteries which can be charged and used for longer duration. The CEO, Musk, recently made a statement that “2016 is the year to watch for an electric car costing half what an entry level Model S costs, and with 200 miles’ range. I am pretty sure that without any miracles happening in battery chemistry from Panasonic, the energy storage and density can be boosted to meet real world range goals”.

Comparison and Conclusion

It’s clear that the well established Tesla is going to rule the market of electric cars compared to Faraday which is still a mysterious company.