10 Simple Steps to Be More Confident

10 Simple Steps to Be More Confident

10 Simple Steps to Be More Confident

You may have noticed that confident people are easily distinguishable in a crowd- they smile, give a warm handshake, communicate and take the lead in discussions or crisis. Their body language, mannerism display and tone of voice display the inner confidence in themselves.

Names of some business leaders, politicians, successful sports people, orators may come to your mind when you think of confidence. It takes a little bit of effort and creativity on your part to be confident.

Here are 10 simple steps to attain confidence

1. Appropriate Dressing

proper dressing

Dress is an important factor in giving you confidence whether it is a public function, social gathering, at an office or for shopping. It should be the right fit with the right combination of colors and patterns. Dress appropriately for the occasion. If you are in office wear formals, but it may not be good for a party. Choice of right footwear will also add to your confidence.

2. Good Grooming

good grooming

Pay attention to your hairstyle, mustache, beard, teeth, earrings, necklaces and hair style – as they add to your confidence but avoid expensive and flashy ones in formal settings. You may require the help of a hair stylist or beauty for special occasions. Have a smiling face when you meet someone, it can be infectious.

3. Be Informed

be informed

Depending on the job or business you are in, you must be conversant with what is happening around which is possible by reading newspapers, magazines or watching TV news. Having something to say on a recent news development gives you the confidence to meet people. Also, be updated on developments in your industry.

4. Develop Positive Attitude

positive attitude keep

If you have a negative attitude and believe the system is wrong, you won’t become successful as it shows a lack of confidence in others. Negative or sarcastic attitude tends to attract such people to you missing out good opportunities of interacting with successful people.

5. Health and Hygiene

health and hygiene

The healthier you are – the more confident you will be. For example, if you are pot-bellied, has drooping shoulders and a bent posture, you will lack the confidence to meet people. Good figure and posture can be attained by taking balanced diet, adequate water and aerobic exercises.

6. Learn New Skills

learn new skills

The more skills you have, the more confidence you gain. You could attend a baking class, a cookery class, music class, art or polish your public speaking skills or learn roller-skating. Whatever new skill you acquire may not pay off in monetary terms but will add confidence.

7. Sleep Well and Be Energetic

fall asleep after a nightmare

Research has shown that lack of sleep can erode your confidence and it could show on your face and especially at work when important decisions have to be taken. Sleep 6 hours a day and have a glass of water before sleep and immediately on waking up

8. Pay Attention to Body Language

pay attention to body language

Body language plays an important role in confidence building. Your smile, posture, maintaining eye contact with others, a tone of your voice and use of appropriate gestures can make you feel more confident.

9. Practice Makes Perfect

practice makes perfect

If you are going to make a business presentation or meeting a new client, performing on stage or negotiating a deal, the more homework and practice. The more practice you attain the more confident you can be.

10. Be Honest

be honest

If you are honest, it will add to your confidence. On the other hand, if you are secretive or in the habit of exaggerating or underplaying something about you and others, you can’t open yourself to others. Learning to laugh at your mistakes and jokes about you can help build confidence.