7 Effective Ways to Never Forget a Name Again

7 Effective Ways to Never Forget a Name Again

7 Effective Ways to Never Forget a Name Again

How often do you meet someone at a function or event and they know your name but you can’t recall their name? Remembering- names are an effective way to build networks and friendships and help you communicate better in society.

Sometimes, your inability to recall names may be considered as a lack of interest in them or make them feel down. Sometimes, you may identify a person but fail to recall his name properly causing an embarrassment to you.

Here are 7 effective ways to remember names

1. Listen to the Name Correctly

listen the name

When people introduce themselves, try to hear the name correctly. If you haven’t understood the name, you can excuse yourself and ask for its spelling and pronunciation. It is better to be straight forward than to be embarrassed in a later meeting. The more focused you are in the conversation or meeting, the easier it will be to recall names.

2. Repeat It a Number of Times

repeat many times

In a conversation, try to repeat the name several times without looking or sounding awkward. For example ‘You may know Mr. Robert.‘ It is a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Sandra’.

3. Tell It to Someone

tell it to someone

If you have close friends or family members with whom you can share your daily events and activities, you can tell them you met a Mr. Jack or Ms. Mary associated with an organization or a friend of your friend. Or if you have a habit of keeping a daily diary, you could note down the names and review each day jottings the next day also.

4.Visualize the Name

visualise the name

Sometimes, visualizing a name can help you recall a name better. It is possible to think of associating a name with things that you see around us- Jack, Lamb, Mark, Mary or the meaning of the names and the corresponding character of a person. For example, Indian name Vinay means humble.

5. Affirmations


Just as with any other activity such as learning something new or undertaking a new challenge, the first step is to affirm that you can do it. It is the same with names. You can mentally affirm everyday morning that ‘I shall strive to remember all the names of people I meet.’ It makes you alert and listen better to memorize names.

6. Making Connections

make connections

If you know someone with the same name, try to connect the characteristics or differences in the characteristics of both of them. Mr. James – the fat, tall guy and your cousin James who is thin and short. Remember the facial features of the person- for example small eyes, long nose or large ears and connect the name to it.

You will be able to better recall a name when there is unique imagery associated with it. The more the thinking that goes into creating associations and connections, the more possible it is for you to remember the name. Or if the person you meet has the same name as that of a celebrity, it is easier to link them.

7. Use Mnemonics


Just as in remembering a complex set of words and sentences, mnemonics can be used to remember names too. For example John F Kennedy (JFK), John Kenneth Galbraith (JKG) or mentally remember a nickname with which you can associate the real name. When you recall the nickname, your brain can immediately associate the name you want to recall.

As Dale Carnegie pointed out, a person’s name is the sweetest and the most important sound in any language. The success of your social life and business life depend to a large extent on your ability to remember names. With a little effort and creativity, you can succeed in it.