How to Fall Asleep for Short Periods

How to Fall Asleep for Short Periods

How to Fall Asleep for Short Periods

Naps are highly important to rejuvenate our body and to make our daily activities much more productive.  There are many people who find it difficult to wake up on time and thereby feel irritated for having insufficient sleep.

In order to avoid the discomfort of the after effects of not having a proper sleep, let’s learn how to handle short naps in the most scientific manner.

1. Relax your Mind and Body


There are a lot of techniques which you can apply to enjoy a deep nap. You can try yoga; it can clear your mind of the thoughts that bother you. Meditation and yoga help you to make your mind healthy by detoxifying your body of all negative energies.

2. Eat a ‘Good Night’ Healthy Food 

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We waste a lot of time in trying to get sleep or even a nap and at the same time feel quite exhausted to either work something productive. You need not struggle in all these circumstances, rather all that you need to do is just eat healthy food that boosts the sleep hormone in your body. It helps your body to induce sleep. Avoid sugary or fatty foods as they keep you awake.

3. Always Tune your Mind

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People have gradually turned out to become more workaholic day by day. But, one should always understand the importance of taking regular breaks at regular intervals while working. Taking frequent naps makes you work more productively.  You should always set a reminder in your brain to relax for a couple of minutes and then resume working.

4. Set a Pleasant Atmosphere Around


Always keep a check on the set atmosphere around you. One should find a quiet and peaceful room to get a proper nap without any distractions. If there is more ventilation, you can make it low so as you sleep comfortably without any struggles. You can make a difference in your day lifestyle by implementing these tricks and enjoying deep sleep with a peace of mind.

5. Choose an Ideal Time for Nap

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You should prefer taking a nap after your lunchtime as this gives you enough time to wake up soon and get back to work. If you sleep in the evening, then chances are more for you to get deep sleep which can further disturb your good night sleep. Make a note that the ideal time for a nap is just 20 minutes and if you sleep more than this, then there are more chances for you to get tired. This is because our body keeps on working to burn calories even while we are sleeping. Getting more sleep than required can make you drowsier.

All these are the simple and useful tricks which are helpful for people of all ages. You can always keep a note of these points  to ensure that you are enjoying your vibrant life with the power naps daily