How To Build Your Self Worth? 7 Easy Steps

How To Build Your Self Worth? 7 Easy Steps

How To Build Your Self Worth? 7 Easy Steps

"The greatest love of all, is easy to achieve, learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all". The lyrics by the late singer Whitney Houston could not be more accurate. Learning to love yourself, having a high self-worth, a high self-esteem is truly a great thing to have. Yet there are times when we find it difficult to improve on this, to love ourselves more (without being self-absorbed).

So here's how to build your self-worth with these 7 easy steps.

Step 1. Keep a Positive Outlook

keep a positive look

Improving your own self-worth is simply a matter of the way you view yourself relative the world around you. Before you can start, learning to see the bright side is a good first step in building Self-Worth.

Step 2. Tell Yourself  "I am Worth It"

tell yourself iam worth it

"I am worth it, I am important". Say that to yourself in a mirror enough times and without a doubt, you will believe it. Repetition and memory are things our brain uses to store information more effectively. By repeating this to yourself, your brain will store it as a fact and you are more likely to gain more self-worth out of this.

Step 3. Block Out Negative Input

blockout negative input

Keeping positive can be difficult if everyone around you tries to keep you down. Your self-esteem is still young and can be snuffed out by negative comments and insults, staying away from them and believing in yourself is a good way to slowly build self-esteem.

Step 4. Examine Yourself

examinre yourself

When in doubt, analyze. To find worth in yourself, it is important that you find what is it in you, what do you have that makes you worth the respect, worth the esteem. Find what you're good at and what you're not so good at, learn about who you truly are and maybe with a little positive attitude, you may be able to appreciate who you are.

Step 5. Improve

improve your selfworth

You'll love yourself more as you discover more things in yourself to love. Improving on what you are good at and at the same time, trying your best to improve on what you aren't so good at, are great ways to improve self-worth.  

Step 6. Share

share the knowledge

Sharing what you're good at will not only get other people impressed and gain their respect, you also gain your own respect and admiration. You can see tangible proof, compliments, cheering crowds among others that you are worth it and that should build your self-worth.

Step 7. Repeat Everyday

self worth techniques

Building self-worth is not done in a day. To combat shyness and disbelief in your own capabilities, training is required. Repeat the steps and take the mantra "I am important" into mind (just try not to get too cocky). Believe that you are worthy of being loved, worthy of being respected, and you will learn to love yourself, you will learn to respect yourself, all for who you are.

Self-worth is a valuable thing to have in this modern world where the most confident people, the ones with high self-worth are the ones who end up being rich and successful. Hopefully, this article has helped you out, and perhaps you have just found the greatest love of all.