7 Ways to Find Your True Calling

7 Ways to Find Your True Calling

7 Ways to Find Your True Calling

Man, by nature, is a progressively productive being. It is in his genes where he finds the need to do a particular thing, a ‘job’ or any such activity that helps you find satisfaction and is productive in general at the same time. Life is short so it is important to make it most productive, linear and as much enjoyable as possible. Do not waste the precious few years doing something which you don’t like and learn to follow your true passion.

Settling on a way of life which is different from the current one is always difficult and it certainly requires patience and focus. Every once in a while we tend to introspect on our present situation as well as the choices that we have which might decide our future. If you are at one such crossroads in life, with one path leading towards the mundane and the other new path paved with exciting opportunities and lucrative potential for money and mind then we can help you make the right decision.

Let us look at the simple 7 ways to find your true calling and achieve your passion:

1. Stop and Think

At this point in life, one of the paths is probably the one you always wanted – your passion - while the other is the one that seems the norm – the mundane. So, take a long breather and give it a think. Have some quality lone time to introspect properly and listen to the reasoning and logic behind each of the potential choices.

stop and think

Simply ask yourself whether whatever that you are doing right now regularly (as a job) is getting you closer to achieving your personal ambitions. If this question makes you pause for a while then you need to realize that this might be a turning point of your life and the right choice at this point in life would lead to you living your life doing what you love the most, following your passion and achieving your dream.

2. Evaluation and Eviction

The next step after realization, at this point, is you need to list down all the pros and cons of your current job. Make a list of all the things that are helpful (if any) and all the things that are obstacles in achieving your personal dreams. Evaluating every aspect of what you are doing will help you prioritize your selection of the next step in life.

evaluation and eviction

Evict all the unnecessary baggage, mainly negativity. To fly high you need to be without the burden of negativity and filled with the thrust of positivity and optimism in life.

3. Forgive and Forget

Forgiving oneself over past mistakes is truly one of the hardest things to do. However, as mentioned earlier, life is too short to hold grudges, especially against one’s own self. You will see how all the proverbs, such as ‘small world’ and ‘what goes around comes around’ come true in front of you as they play themselves out in various situations.

forgive and forget

It is important to let go of regrets and to forgive and forget bygones. What is done is done and prolonged remorse of any sort will simply not change it so you need to look forward for opportunities instead of always looking back at past mistakes and wasting precious time.

4. Learn to Trust You

You are at life’s crossroads where you have the best chance to start over. Always understand that you are an individual and as others seem good at so many things there are things that you are also very good at. It simply comes down to being truly realistic and realizing your exact potential, capabilities, skills and talents. Comparing yourself with another person is simply a waste of time as it a definite fact that they too have flaws and regrets from past mistakes.

learn to trust you

Pay heed to your intuition, as it is one of the best judges of situations. You gut-feeling is the natural instinct kicking in when your brain gets overloaded with information at times of crisis. Acting on your instinct sometimes might seem like going against the norm however, it has been seen to have high benefits in various situations.

5. You are Your Own Driver

An important part of increasing self-confidence is realizing that you are your own master. Always keep control over your own life and do not let yourself get dictated, either by anyone or anything. This will not only affect your decision-making capabilities but it also lowers your self-esteem and confidence gradually. Be the master of your own destiny.

you are your owner

Your path to live your passion is not easy, you might face insurmountable odds at times or even very good luck which will help you immensely, but the point is being in control of the decisions that you make at every point of choice.

6. Mistakes Matter

Your past mistakes are not something to be depressed about. Like mentioned earlier, life is too short to have regrets too. Everybody makes mistakes and this is a simple fact of life. The point is not to repeat the same mistake again and again.

mistakes matter

It is important to take a moment to realize the actual implication of your mistake (unknowingly done) and to understand what exactly went wrong and where. This allows for a very valuable life lesson which, when kept in mind, helps only to become a better human being.

7. Now will Not Come Again

Learn to live in the now. Forget the past mistakes and tragedies, learn to move on from sadness by extracting an important life lesson from such and experience. Thinking too much about the past only leads to melancholy and depression and then eventually to constant regret. Thinking too much about the future tends to lead to day-dreaming and loss of productivity.

now wont come again

Now is what you have in your hands and what you can control. Learn to appreciate every little thing that is happening in the now. You will be amazed to know how much small decision taken with the right frame of mind can lead to life-changing surprises in the future.