Believe in Yourself

Believe in Yourself

Believe in Yourself

How Belief Makes the World Go Round.

The one thing that distinguishes successful people from those struggling to reach there is belief. Having belief in yourself; that inner voice cheering you to be an enterprising person, can get you anywhere you set your mind to reach. Belief plays a crucial role in how people handle different aspects of life.

The Power of Self Belief

the power of self belief

Having belief is an enabler to many things. How many things have you avoided doing because you kept telling yourself that you could not do it? Belief is a cultivation of positive thoughts that can take people to higher heights.

Self-belief is an inner feeling that com es from deep down an individual. People might make you feel better, but the power of self-belief is individually. Developing this power begins with a positive mindset and frequent practice.

self esteem

The way you feel about your looks, behaviour, and your skills greatly affects the power of your self-belief. People with self-esteem issues always have little or no self believe because of looking down upon themselves.

Self-belief can be evidenced in so many ways. Behavior, body language and mood can communicate a lot about their self-belief level. Lack of self-belief affects certain areas in people’s life. Relationships, careers, and lifestyle are the major things that can be greatly affected by not believing in yourself.

Surefire Ways to Believe in Yourself

ways to believe in yourself

Fortunately, having self-belief issues is not a permanent curse. If you are open to learning, you can boost your beliefs until you get surprised. Human beings are not robots; there is always a chance to improve yourself. Here are ways that can help you believe in yourself:

1. Prepare for a transformation

For self-belief improvement to work, you need to know where you are and where you hope to go. Preparation involves preparing your mindset psychologically that you are about to press new buttons, some that may not be very easy to press.

2. Identify your strength and weaknesses

Identifying what you are good in and what you are not is the first step to being proactive. It is easier to strive at making yourself better, when you know your areas of weaknesses to work on. Cultivating positive thoughts is one way you can start working on your weaknesses.

3. Change your weakness to strength

Instead of complaining about how public speaking is your weakness and you do nothing about it; how about focusing on public speaking exercises. Just stop talking, and start acting. A weakness can easily be turned to a strength by focusing a lot of you in it for better results.

4. Be Open to Learning

Fortunately developing self-belief is a trait that can be learnt. However, for it to be productive, you need to show commitment. Learning is an unending process. People should therefore not be ashamed of learning new things.

5. Challenge Your Inner Voice

There is that discouraging voice that occasionally crops up in your head with discouraging messages and thoughts. You need to pay attention to listening to that voice, to enable you condemn it in the strongest possible ways.

6. Set Goals

Goals have a way of challenging and motiving people to their full potential. Goals can be short term or long term, but with a time limit. When you set goals, you have to put in the effort of achieving them. Such achievements will strengthen the power of your self-belief.

7. Be Your Own Coach

When you start thinking how you cannot accomplish a certain task, you can switch roles. Role-play turns your positive side into a head coach, doing the listening. You will listen to yourself, and give advice, the same way you would advise a different person. Then you will realize that you can surely do it.

8. Move from Your Comfort Zone

Comfort zones inhibit people from growing. Change is hard, and so is coming out of your cocoon. It takes courage to experience a different thing because of fighting fright and doubtful thoughts. Moving out of your comfort zone exposes you to a whole load of experience, which could be the beginning of your success.

9. Seeking the Services of a Life Coach

A life coach has plenty of tricks up their sleeves to channel the inner self-belief in people. If you cannot play your own coach, a life coach can challenge you into challenging your abilities. A life coach can help you strengthen your self-belief

10. Change Your Body Language

Nonverbal communication tells a lot about one’s belief. You can start by developing a habit of smiling more often, then adjust your posture, and begin maintaining eye contact when interacting with people.

11. Use Failure To Your Advantage

Failure is not a bad thing after all. Instead of looking down on yourself because of failure, turn it around to your advantage. Use failure as a learning lesson, to make yourself better next time. Failing does not mean that you are a looser.

12. Document Your Achievements

List down all the things you have achieved in life. Such can be things that you have successfully accomplished in life. These achievements can be documented, to be reminding you of how good you are. Whenever your inner voice attempts to make you doubt in your abilities, such a list can be a reminder that you are good what you do.

13. Manage Your Thoughts

The kind of thoughts that you harbor in your mind are great influencers or downers of self believe. Develop a habit of nurturing positive thoughts, and always looking for positive energy in everything. Surrounding yourself with positive minded people influences positive thoughts.

14. Expose Yourself to Your Fears

Exposing yourself to things that make you doubt your ability is one surest way to believe in yourself again. The more you expose yourself to such circumstances, the more you will get used to them. Practice makes perfect.

15. Stop Listening to Negative Talk

When negative people start talking about how doing something is impossible, just stop listening. Negative people are contagious in spreading negative energy, which can make you doubt your believes. Avoid negative people at all costs.

16. Set Realistic Goals

Change is a gradual process that begins with one-step at time. Setting realistic expectations, avoids people from beating themselves up because of failing to achieve them. If you set realistic goals, you will achieve them, which will give you motivation to go on and on. Once you start getting the hang of it, you can gradually increase your expectations, to challenge yourself further.

17. Do Your Homework

Great preparation, naturally boosts self-belief. If you prepare adequately, and have your facts right, you will have the courage to do anything. Early preparation gives you a confidence boost, which can in turn up lift your abilities.

18. Engage in Voluntary Activities

The world has so many activities to be done, with little work force available. Engaging in voluntary work, can be in a local orphanage in your community. Nothing brings satisfaction, than trying to make someone’s life comfortable. The appreciation you get from volunteering can boost your self-belief, and make you believe you can do anything.

19. Accept Yourself

 They say acceptance is the first step to healing. Learning to believe in yourself cannot work, if you do not accept yourself for who you are. Accept your flaws, and focus on improving them. Love yourself first and the world will undoubtedly follow suit.

20. Be Contended

Accepting yourself, helps in being contended with yourself. The worst thing you can do to yourself is start comparing yourself to your peers. This comparison will kill you slowly and squeeze any bit of self-belief left in you. Be who you are, and work on being you.

7 Key Reasons Why You Should Believe in Yourself

reasons to believe in yourself

Believing in yourself is the first step to success. If you are ever success hungry, self-belief is what will get you there. When you believe in yourself, nothing can stop you from doing whatever you put your mind to. Read on to know more reasons why you should believe in yourself.

1. It Leads to Success

Success starts with having a positive mindset, then other logistics follow. If you do not believe in yourself, you might never be able to make any progress in life. Having skills is useless, if you do not have the drive to plunge deeper into exercising them.

2. Belief Makes People Respect You

The way you carry yourself sets a stage for people to respect you or take you for granted. When you believe in yourself, you will be able to say “no” to inappropriate situations. Having a stand in life makes people respect you. Self-belief can also make you say “yes” to appropriate situations to avoid missing on opportunities in life.

3. Self-Belief makes People Believe in You

If you do not believe in yourself, the world will not believe in you either. If you want people to take you seriously as a performer, you have to take the initiative and believe in yourself first. Remember you are your greatest number 1 fan.

4. It builds Self-Confidence

When you are confident about yourself, nothing can stop you from doing what you put your mind to. Confidence sends a powerful message of someone who knows what they are doing. No wonder they say, you have to fake it until you make it.

5. Self-Belief improves Relationships

Whether they are personal relationships or professional relationships, self-belief makes the best of relationships. You will be in great terms with your colleagues if you believe in yourself and be confident in your skin. The environment around you will notice your positive energy, and a change of attitude in handling compliments.

6. You will Scale to Higher Heights

 Self-belief gets people out of their comfort zones. When you believe in yourself, you will not be afraid to take risks and try new things. You can never know what life holds until you try. Trying new things enhances learning and can make people discover some hidden talents.

7. It is Healthy

Self-belief can make you live a stress free life because of being contended with your life. When you believe in yourself, you will have peace for fulfilling whatever it is you set out for. Self-belief improves physical and mental health by pumping positive energy in the body.

Simple Things you Must Stop Doing Today to Believe in Yourself

things to stop for believing in yourself

1. Surrounding Yourself with Negative Energy

Negative energy can come from people or social and traditional media. Exposure to negative energy drifts people from self-belief. The more you listen to negative talk, the more you will begin believe in the negativity.

2. Not knowing What You Live For

If you do not know your purpose in life, chances are you will keep second guessing your every move in life. Knowing your purpose in life gives you a chance to work towards making their purpose come to fruition.

3. Not Accepting Compliments

Why is it hard for some people to say a simple “thank you” when they are complimented? This is a common trait in people with low self-esteem, who do not believe in compliments. Accepting compliments is a key move to believing in yourself.

4. Not Working on Improving Your Self-Belief

If you do not focus on improving your belief system, you will never learn to believe in yourself. Learn to use affirmative words and entertaining positive thoughts. You have to fake it until you make it.

5. Allowing the Word “No” to Bring You Down

In life you do not always get what you want. There are times when your requests will not be yielded to. Being told a “no” does not mean that you are not good enough. Learning to accept “no” as part of life will not affect your self-belief.

6. Isolating Yourself from People

If you want to know that people care about you, you have to make an effort and spend some time with people. No man is an island, staying aloof will greatly affect your self-belief. Even one person is enough to play a great support system.

7. Comparing Yourself with Other People

 Human beings are all wonderfully made. However, people have different abilities and ways of doing things. If you compare yourself to your peers, your self-belief might be affected. Chances are the people you are comparing yourself to are doing better than you are.

Quotes that Will Boost Your Self-belief

Self-belief is important if you want to make a difference. Life is too short to live in fear of people judging you. Many inspirational quotes on self-belief have the power to change ones mindset. The more you surround yourself with positive people, the more you will start believing in yourself. Self-belief is the ultimate everything. You might have all the skills necessary for a job, you might have the looks, but without believing in yourself, you will never be able to use your best traits.