7 Tips to Manage Your Work and Personal Life

7 Tips to Manage Your Work and Personal Life

7 Tips to Manage Your Work and Personal Life

How often have you become stressed out due to pressures of meeting targets and deadlines at work, conforming to rules and office procedures? How often have you found managing household work, spending time with family members and attending to their needs quite tiresome? Yet, you find lots of successful people go through the same kind of work pressures and troubles at home but they don’t complain or express regrets.

Here are 7 ways to manage work and personal life

1. Keep a Diary of Things to Do

things to do dairy

You can keep separate ones for personal and office use. Note down in advance the things you have to next day or even a week ahead- it could be calling a plumber or electrician to fix something, a family event you shouldn’t miss out, immunization for your pet dog or renewing an insurance policy. In the office, jot down the important things to do in the morning, afternoon or evening- it could be getting a report ready for a meeting, calling up important customers or investors.

2. Switch off Mobile/ Avoid Phone Calls When Busy

turn off phone when busy

At the office, if you are busy with a work and working under a tight deadline, switch off the mobile with a facility for urgent callers to leave their message in voice mail. You can set automated messages informing them that they will be called back when free. Tell your front office or secretary not to connect calls for a specified period until your urgent work is over.

3. Prioritize Work

prioritize work

Whether at home or office, there will be several things demanding your attention at the same time. You need to prioritize and tackle the important ones first. At home, if your car needs a battery-check up or has any technical issue or if the child is sick or cooking gas is empty, priority has to be set for the urgent ones. At office too, if a mail has to be urgently sent to a client, it should gain priority over other routine tasks, however big or small.

4. Finish Your Work at Office Itself

finish your work at office

In order to ensure a proper work-life balance, you need to complete all your work at the office itself. This will enable you to spend time with your spouse and children or meet friends or go for grocery shopping. On the other hand, if you keep attending to calls from office or start working on your laptop, your children could feel left out and you are missing out some quality time with them.

5. Have Meals Together

have meals together

In a family where husband and wife go for work or business and children go to school, the time for interaction among the family members is restricted. Hence, meal times –breakfast or dinner may be appropriate for all family members to share their thoughts and talk. It will make eating enjoyable.

6. Find Time to Interact with Colleagues

interact with colleagues

Work pressures may force you to sit at your desk for long hours and meetings may be strictly formal. You must find time to interact with them even if is for a day during lunch break, tea breaks, and exchange pleasantries. It can create better bonding and help you get things done faster and quicker.

7. Find Time for a Short Trip

find time for short trip

It is always better to find time for a short trip to a resort, a lake, theme park, etc as experiences bring more happiness to you than material things. Such outings once in a month could take away the pressures of daily living and make it enjoyable for the whole family.