Conscientiousness And Creativity: How are they Related?

Conscientiousness And Creativity: How are they Related?

Conscientiousness And Creativity: How are they Related?

There are two types of people in the world, the Conscientious and the Creative. Those two traits can be used to describe a vast majority of the human population. In showbiz, it is usually fun to try and find out who is related to whom.

So for today, we'll be doing that with these two personality traits. Conscientiousness and Creativity: How are they related?

Traits of Conscientiousness

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Conscientiousness is a personality trait which refers to a person being extra careful to make sure that what he/she is doing ends up perfect, if not, then close to it. A conscientious person makes plans, is careful with choices and is quite analytic when it comes to completing a task. Being conscientious usually makes a person take less risks, live a more tamed life and try to fit in as much as possible

Traits of Creativity

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Creativity is a trait attributed to being able to think of something that others wouldn't even consider. It is about thinking outside the box and being able to find and express something new or something old in a new and innovative manner. A creative person acts on impulse as inspiration can simply come and go. A creative person lets the creative muses dictate how any given piece of art would look like, or how a given task could be completed. Creativity is usually a risk as less people have tried your way. Being creative with a decision, creative people are more willing to put their ideas to the test.

Conscientious People are Good At...

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Conscientious people are better when it comes to things where numbers, facts and logic are involved. Being extra careful with these subject matters allow them to think harder and use tried and tested methods in order to achieve the goals of success. They are proficient in certain fields such as accountancy, physics, and others.

Creative People are Good At...

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People who are more creative tend to be struggling in what conscientious people excel at. For instance, their math is way below that of the conscientious minded people. However, the trait of creativity aids people in the arts. The arts is where creativity is truly seen to it's maximum potential, where there is no limit to the creative mind. However creativity can extend beyond arts. Fields that involve real life decision making is better for a creative mind. Management, sports, etc are what creative persons are best at as they are able to make quick, crucial, and unique decisions that could very well be game changers.

How do They Relate to Each Other?

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Conscientiousness and Creativity seem to be related in the way light relates to darkness, in the way fire relates to water. They are completely different but make up the same whole. These two traits are on the opposite ends of the spectrum, being reserved, focused and logical on one hand while being free, quick-thinking and unique on the other. Despite all these differences, majority of people display at least one of them; therefore, both these traits represent humanity and how we are inclined to do things. Both are crucial, both are important in their own rights. Different but important is what they are to each other.