7 Benefits of Working From Home

7 Benefits of Working From Home

7 Benefits of Working From Home

Despite most people working in an office, there is still a large number of individuals working in a remote work setup. Whether it be full-time or freelance, these individuals have thrived working outside of an office setting and are quite determined to never going back. If you are considering working remotely, here are seven work from home (WFH) benefits that will help you finally make that switch:

1. Better work-life balance

Although it doesn’t apply to everyone, remote work actually results in a better work-life balance. Even if you work long hours, you’re still in the presence of your family. Additionally, you can also have more time to focus on your hobbies and interests. A better work-life balance results in better relationships and an overall better life. Even if your ultra-focused in your job, a remote work setup still allows you to spend time with your loved ones at the same time.

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Take note that working remotely full time doesn’t always guarantee a better work-life balance. You also need to change your mindset if you plan on strengthening the relationships you have with the other people in the household. Working from home also doesn’t mean working anytime during the day or night at the expense of your family. Always set a strict schedule and set boundaries if needed.         

2. Improved productivity

Having improved productivity is one of the lesser-known advantages of working from home. It’s true that not everyone likes to work remotely even if they are forced to do so due to some circumstances. But for those who live off remote work, they can all agree that it improves their productivity tremendously. Somehow, the independence to work anywhere and anywhere makes them more focused compared to working in an 8 to 5 office schedule. So, whether if you have tried remote work before or haven’t opened a computer outside your office, then having improved work from home productivity for your future work may convince you to finally make that switch.           

3. Similar career advancement opportunities

If you thought that working from home doesn’t give you the same career advancement opportunities as working in a physical company, then you are highly mistaken. A person having a full-time or freelance remote job has the same chances of getting promoted as a person working in an office. Even if you’re working for a small remote company, the experience you attain will help you get better opportunities once you decide to find another remote work. Additionally, the value of hard work and determination also applies to a remote job so with enough effort you will be getting that promotion (and a higher payday) in no time. Thousands of WFH jobs are available online so it shouldn’t be too difficult finding a job that fits your skill set.         

4. Less commute stress

Commuting can be very stressful especially if your company is situated in a place that isn’t quite accessible from your home. Stress doesn’t just end while running to catch a train or bus but also waking up early and preparing your meals throughout the day. Additionally, you can never predict how traffic ends up while you’re commuting resulting in a long and tiring journey that can already drain your energy even before arriving at the office. 

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Commute stress is essentially eliminated when you’re working from home. You no longer have to wake up early and you can prepare your meals at any time. Also, since you’re on a remote work setup you don’t have to spend a long amount of time just to get dressed. This should make you love work from home setups even more.   

5. More savings

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If you are looking for benefits of working remotely, look no further than saving more of your hard-earned salary. People spend a good portion of their salaries on commuting every month which can be very costly. It also poses a problem if salaries aren’t that high to begin with. Commuting isn’t the only expense one can incur while working in a physical office. Budget for food and work-related expenses also need to set aside. At this rate, you will only be using your salary to meet your daily needs and not have extra to enjoy with yourself or with family. All of this can be avoided if you opt for a work from home office.       

6. Location independence

Since you will no longer be commuting to and from work, you essentially have the freedom to work anywhere you want. Location independence is probably the biggest benefit of working remotely. Whether it be working inside your room or going to a cafe to get all of your tasks finished, remote work allows you to choose any location at any time during the day or even night. Just make sure when going out, the coffee shop or co-working space you’re going to has a reliable internet connection. Additionally, your WFH office should be conducive and free from distractions if you plan on working indoors.        

7. Zero office politics 


Office politics can never be avoided and it can be very draining even for the tenured of employees. No matter how much the company preaches of having a unified and inclusive work environment, there are always people who want to make the office their own political playground. This doesn’t only cause some serious divide in the office but also turns employees unproductive and unmotivated. So, if you’ve always hated office politics then working for a WFH company is your best option. Most work from home setups has always prevented individuals from making questionable moves since there is less communication between remote employees. Less communication means fewer conflicts and more time to get work done.  

The seven benefits of working remotely listed above should be enough to make you quit your office job and apply for work that allows you to get things done in the comfort of your own home.