3 Must Dos To Change People’s Negative Thoughts About Millennials

3 Must Dos To Change People’s Negative Thoughts About Millennials

3 Must Dos To Change People’s Negative Thoughts About Millennials

More often, millennial are labeled as “the worst”. For generations before us such as Generation X and Baby Boomers, they think that our generation has degraded in terms of various aspects of life. Almost everyone has something negative to say about millennial, as they misunderstood our behavior- the way we act and what we believe in. 

There are lots of misconceptions which can be frustrating and unfair too. However, as millennial, we are born to prove these people wrong. We might be labeled with different unfounded negative stereotypes, but we can correct these misconceptions through simple things we can do. Here are 3 things we can do to create a positive image for millennials.

1. Bridge The Generation Gap


Clarity Comes from Action

One of the main causes of conflict between millennials and other generations is the generation gap. According to a research, 79 per cent of millennials believe that there is a huge difference between the point of view of the younger and older generations. With the advent of technology and online media, younger generations are more educated and more updated as compared to older generations.

On the other hand, older generations are more focused and well-versed in details in their specialized field. This gap must be bridged.

Take Action

The tension between generations has been worsening, but we can ease them if we, learn to initiate action to bridge the gap between these generations. “Age is nothing but a number”. Let us stop thinking about how we can’t get along with other people just because they are older. As a younger generation, we have to reach out to them first and build a sincere and genuine relationship.

Understand that we are born in different times and in different situations and this may be a factor why we think this way and they think that way. But that’s just it- we are born different and we can’t do anything about it. The best thing we can do is to adapt (which we are very good at). Meet them halfway and somehow this will help them understand why we are like this and vice versa. Let us remember that when old and young generations work together, we can contribute a lot for the whole society.

2. Be Socially Responsible


Lessons About Success

People have this perception that the younger generation doesn’t care about anything but themselves. It is as if all we care about is career, gadgets and latest celebrity issues. I may have a personal bias, but the truth of the matter is that millennials hold the best insights on how to start development. We have strong political and social beliefs and these beliefs can make a huge difference in the society. However, the problem is that these ideas, insights and beliefs are never put into action.

Take action

Ideas without execution are nothing. It is not hard to develop social responsibility. We have great ideas and ambitious insights but let us learn to start from the bottom. To start with, let us be vigilant on what is happening in our own little community. We need to have an active participation in our community to help it progress and development.

3. Stay Committed


Design Your Own Success

Lots of people from previous generations think that our generation lacks commitment and accountability. According to a survey, 50 per cent out of 1200 CEOs believe that millennials don’t stay long enough with companies. One thing that most people notice about us is how we quickly jump from one job to another. This is one of the main reasons why most employers are more likely to hire mature applicants than younger ones.

Take action

If we learn to seek a job that we love rather than a job with higher pay, it can perhaps improve our commitment to what we do. Also, another factor that affects too many short-term jobs among millennials is time constraint, thus, we have to sort out our priorities very well. Knowing our priorities and creating a career plan will guide us in choosing a career that lasts longer.

Wrapping Up

As millennials, we can either be the world’s next greatest generation or we could be the worst. “We are who we are.” People have to get used to it but in order for us to be a better member of the society, we are required to help and motivate one another and that includes our cooperation with other generations before and will be after us. After all, at the end of the day, all of us can benefit from it.