8 Phrases that Destroy your Self Confidence

8 Phrases that Destroy your Self Confidence

8 Phrases that Destroy your Self Confidence

The word self confidence carries a lot of power and help you to believe on yourself. If you have a self confidence you are free from doubt, fear and worthlessness .You believe your capabilities that you can anything whatever you want to do if you have self confidence. When you are lacking of self confidence negative remarks made by other people affects you a lot.

Some of the phrases that can destroy your self confidence are given below:

1. You are Ugly

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Beauty does not have any standard. Beauty cannot make a person better. It will fade one day. People may be beautiful from outside appearance but might be ugliest from inside. Hence what matters is how Lew  Wallace best described that beauty is altogether in the eye of the beholder.

2. You are Useless 


If people tell you that you are useless don’t lose your confidence. Nobody is useless in this world .Every person is born with talents. The only thing you need to find it in yourself. You might have the in other areas where others are weak and vice versa,

3. You are Stupid

People might tell you that you are stupid to destroy your self confidence. You should know that each of us has different degrees of intelligence, skills and knowledge .People might have different expectation .But it doesn’t mean that you are stupid if you don’t live up to their expectation.

4.You are Fool

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People might say you fool but you should not take it seriously. They might have different opinion about the intelligence level. You be on your own and believe on yourself. You talent might be on something else where you might bring excellent results where other cannot. But it doesn’t mean that they are fool

5. You are a Loser

You might looser your confidence level if they tell you that you are a looser. Don’t take it seriously. People might have ups and down in their lie but it doesn’t mean that you are a looser. You need to believe on yourself and to wait for the right opportunity to grab it.

6. You are Boring


Saying these words to you probably lowers down your confidence level. But don’t be worried about it. You be on. Try to avoid these type of words or don’t take it by heart.

7. You are Not Like…

People might compare you with someone else and this might make you unhappy. Everybody has their different, thoughts and ideas. By hearings these words don’t start comparing yourself with others. There will always be someone who will be above you and there no point comparing. You stick on your ideas and thoughts and that will make you unique.

8. You are Lazy


Don’t take these seriously as it doesn’t have any sense. Every people have their own pace of doing and with their own style. You might be doing at a slower pace but the output which you will be giving is best. Being fast doesn’t make a person perfect of efficient and vice versa.

There might be end number of phrases which might lower yourself confidence. But it is up to you how you tackle it. If you’re a strong believer on yourself nothing can affect .Negative comment will not be applicable to you if you take it very lightly. You should concentrate and focus on your things rather than spending time analyzing their comment. It is always advisable not to be with negative people. Someone who always tells some words which disturbs your mind, you should try to be away from them. Be with positive people to make your confidence lever stronger.