4 Best Success Strategies From Andrew Carnegie

4 Best Success Strategies From Andrew Carnegie

4 Best Success Strategies From Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie, from the late 1800s, was a rich philanthropist and idealist. His wealth was beyond measurable and he is recognized as the second 'richest man' to have walked the face of the Earth. Carnegie inspired Napoleon Hill, the author of the famous personal development book "Think and Grow Rich". His writings and opinions have now become the founding pillars for success mantra all over the world.

He was quite famous among his peers and acquaintances for his wisdom and success stories. Although he lived in an era where technology was still discovering light, he managed to surpass all the hurdles and challenges because of his optimism and positive body language. We have listed four of the top success tips given by Andrew Carnegie.

1. Don’t Override Your Obstacles In Your Mind

Obstacle in mind

Ways to Overcome Obstacles

Challenges vary in difficulty. Some are quite unpredictable. However, there is a natural tendency of the humans to make the challenges 'difficult' and 'heavier' than they actually are.Sometimes it is more than critical to let it go of this aside and have a laugh about it. Though it does not, in no way possible, changes the scenario or the event; however, it gives you the courage to approach the challenges in a lighter mood and with more confidence. Overthinking and overriding your emotions would do nothing good to the reality-based challenges.

2. Persistence and Patience Win

Patience Win

Tips to Increase Your Patience

People often tend to fluctuate between their emotional ups and downs. At times they are all so pumped up, motivated, able to conquer great heights and just anything, and moments later they start to feel pessimistic, as though they are sinking in a ship. Just because there are no apparent results doesn't mean you are not capable of doing and achieving something. It simply means you don’t have to let yourself too thin initially and start putting in more efforts along the path. Keep on insisting yourself so as to follow the course without fluctuations. "If it can't be done then DO IT!"

3. Walk Your Talk

Walk Your

Path to Success

As you grow older, you tend to realize the importance of actions rather than words. Of course, in the end, what really matters is what people are capable of doing instead of what they are talking. This is one the most crucial aspects of success - Stand by your words. You may slip, you might fall; however, these events will paint the success in your life.

4. Self-motivation

Self motivation

Best Motivational Tips

Self-motivation, toward the path of success, is as elemental as the success itself. Though some motivation and encouragement from others is always appreciated, but it’s not going to be an ever-lasting source nonetheless.The only person who is constantly going to be with you is YOU. One needs to start believing in himself before taking any apparent action.

Self-motivation should be of utmost priority, later come the encouragement and support from friends, family quotes and books.The path to success is always a lonely one, full of obstacles and challenges. However, what’s more important is that you will have a taste of success if you start believing in yourself and be fearless in whatever you do.