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A Brief Profile

MailChimp is a private email marketing company. The company operates under its service and trading name and was founded back in the year 2001 in the United States of America. The headquarters of the company are located in Ponce City Market, Atlanta, Georgia. The founder and the CEO of the company is Ben Chestnut.


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MailChimp provides its operations across the world. The services provided by MailChimp are accessed through a cellular phone- or web based application. For certain features there is even an offline application available. Initially MailChimp was offered as a paid service only. After 8 years of running successfully, the company decided to introduce and provide a free service option as well.


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The Rocket Science Group is the parent company of MailChimp. Ben Chestnut, who for a short while even played the role of CEO of the company, founded the Rocket Science Group in the year 2000. A year later, Ben conceived the idea of MailChimp. He went on to create and develop and form the MailChimp Company.

Chestnut’s main idea behind creating MailChimp was to focus the organizations resources on providing compensatory benefits for employees. Chestnut’s father worked in the military and seeing the limited economic opportunities his father had was motivation enough for Chestnut to focus MailChimp’s resources in the provision of compensatory benefits for employees.

Chestnut was born in Augusta, Georgia and lived there through his school and college years. He attended college at the University of Georgia and where he studied physics and went on to study industrial design at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Currently the company has over 9 million users across the globe.

The application interface is fun and easy to use and is gaining popularity across the globe. The company recently even sponsored the launch of a podcast that explores a murder case of several episodes called Serial. There are around 375 employees currently working for MailChimp.

Unique Features

The website of the company as well as the communications include a lot of humor and chimp related graphics in its communications as well as on the website. The main logo of MailChimp is also chimpanzee. MailChimp also provides the services of advertising podcasts.

Social Work

MailChimp currently is not active in any social work outside of the organization. However Ben Chestnut has ensured that the company provides excellent compensatory benefits for its employees and workers.


MailChimp is a user friendly and easy to use set up. The chimp based humor provided on the platform will make you giggle and keep both you as well as your clients thoroughly engaged in the marketing. The price plans do seem to be a bit confusing, however overall the application is convenient to use and is a highly recommended email marketing application particularly for upcoming and small sized businesses. The company provides a wide range of price plans for its customers. MailChimp now even provides a free trial run of the application and simply by simply creating a username and password can set up an account.

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