Most Expensive Women’s Louis Vuitton Shoes

Most Expensive Women’s Louis Vuitton Shoes

Most Expensive Women’s Louis Vuitton Shoes

Women’s fashion has been taken to great heights. Every possible fashion item, worn from head to toe, is now being increasingly designed and customized to give the unique and luxurious factor to it. In the world of fashion, the Louis Vuitton brand name stands out noticeably.

Louis Vuitton is one of the most exclusive and luxurious women’s fashion brand and is renowned the world over for its designer and luxurious items. One of the most expensive items in the Louis Vuitton collection is the women’s shoe collection. From expensive exclusive shoes to some of the costliest designer footwear, Louis Vuitton is renowned worldwide as the leader in women’s fashion and footwear.

These are some of the most expensive women’s Louis Vuitton shoes:

1. Vienna Minimalisa High Boots - Price : $4,500

vienna minimalisa high boots

Don’t let the ‘minimal’ in the name fool you. The super-exclusive Vienna Minimalisa High Boots are the most expensive women’s shoes by Louis Vuitton priced at around $4,500. These were launched as part of the brand’s 2005-2006 Fall/Winter clothing line. These are crafted from the finest ostrich leather for extra softness and durability with a 4 ½ inch-heel to give the opulent factor.

2. Cosplay Low Boot - Price : $3,199

cosplay low boot

These Louis Vuitton beauties are priced at an expensive $3,199. These were launched with the brand’s latest 2016 Spring/Summer collection. These are remarkable and are crafted from the rare python-leather with printed pixel motif. These come with the LV monogrammed flower-shaped high heel with a metal chain attached to match with the collection’s other leather items.

3. Cosplay Low Boot (White&Black) - Price : $2,650


These are one of the most remarkable women’s leather shoes from Luis Vuitton and are priced at a costly $2,650. These are specially crafted from rare pale python leather which features an elegant pixel-motif. Launched with the 2016 Spring/Summer collection, these feature an LV-monogrammed flower-shaped high heel and a shiny metal toe cap along with a sling at the back for comfort and support.

4. Heritage High Boot - Price : $1,743

heritage high boot

The Heritage High Boot is priced at around $1,743 and is one of the finest high boots from Louis Vuitton. It is crafted from the softest calf leather and designed in the lines of the classic riding boots. It also features a distinct LV logo following the popular Capucines bag design.

5. Skylight Ankle Boot - Price : $1,690

skylight ankle boot

These elegant Skyline Ankle Boots are priced at an expensive $1,690. These are made from the finest and softest python leather for the perfect and comfortable fit. The sleek upper design compliments the graphic heel made from rare ruthenium which have the LV initials beautifully engraved in them.

6. Skylight High Boot - Price : $1,630

skylight high boot

The Skyline High Boots are priced rightly at around $1,630. These are highly versatile and stylishly-crafted high boots made from genuine suede baby-goat leather for the most comfortable fit. The upper portion is plainly designed to contrast beautifully with the lower part featuring the LV-initials engraved in the vivid golden heel.

7. Nightfall Flat Sandal - Price : $1,500

nightfall flat sandal

These are one of the most unique designs from Louis Vuitton and are priced at around $1,500. These Roman-inspired designer sandals are crafted with the finest calf leather and are embellished with the typical flat golden buttons in a row and engraved with the LV initials. The back-zip provides easy wearing and most comfort.

8. Valley Flat Ankle Boot - Price : $1,455

valley flat ankle boot

The Valley Flat Ankle Boots are fashionable and practical as well. Priced at around $1,455 these are sturdy boots made from the best glazed calf leather for the outer chic look along with the trademark LV-initialed on the golden buckles and plaques. The outer leather sole is covered in rubber for strength and comfort while walking.

9. Highway Ankle Boot - Price : $1,390

highway ankle boot

The Highway Ankle Boots by Louis Vuitton are priced at around $1,390. These are chic and exclusive peep-toe ankle-length boots made from the best suede baby-goat leather which goes best with pants and skirts as well. The stiletto high heel is designed with a unique half-leather and half-lacquer style.

10. Overtown Ankle Boot - Price : $1,325

overtown ankle boot

The Overtown Ankle Boots are priced at around $1,325 and display strength and smart-looks with the distinct Rock n Roll touch to them. These boots feature a pointed toe and a stable square heel and are made from genuine soft calf leather in glazed finish. The brand has monogrammed the canvas strap in the back loop for the exclusive look.

These are just a few of the most expensive women’s shoes from Louis Vuitton. These are exclusively-designed and are made from the finest material available. Some of these boots and shoes might be expensive due to the high-quality material used or they may feature exclusive designs. These shoes from the leading women’s designer are sure to catch more stares outside or at a party as well if you can afford to pay the high price on these exclusive footwear.