Most Expensive Piaget Watches

Most Expensive Piaget Watches

Most Expensive Piaget Watches

In the year 1874, a Swiss watch maker called Georges Edouard Piaget founded a workspace in a small rural community of Switzerland. It originally concentrated on the creation of pocket timepiecesfor other esteemed timepiece businesses. His son took over from him and progressed the company’s motivation to the making of watches.

The firm has refined itself to the status of a watchmaker jeweler. In 1988, the company was bought over by Vendome. It is the most admired jewelry brand around the globe. We here are presenting you with an array of some of the most expensive Piaget wrist watches.

1. Piaget Emperador Temple Watch – $3.3 million


These watches are a specially made to order brand of watches. It essentially has two timepieces assembled into a wristlet piece with three hundred and fifty baguette-cut diamonds.

The first watch highlights a casingusing 481 brilliant-cut diamonds and an emerald-cut diamond on the crest. The second watch consists of a Polynesian pearl dial.

2. Piaget Gouverneur Tourbillon Ultra Thin Watch – $185,000


Theses watches have a snowy dial tint and alligator wristlet with hingedfastener. This extra-largetimepiece is one amongst the watches in the Black Tie sequence of the business.

It has hand-winding programmed movement and is water resilient up to a measurement of 30 meters. The casing is 18 karat white gold. 

3. Piaget Polo 40 mm White Gold Diamond Watch – $160,000


These Piaget watches have a silvery and shiny dial and wristlet of 18 karats white gold. It has a folding hook. This big watch is water impervious up to a measurement of 30 meters. It has hand winding programmed movement. The timepiece also has a diamond frame around the display.

4. Piaget Polo 38 mm White Gold Pave Diamond Watch – $150,000


5. Piaget Polo Chronograph Pave Diamond Watch – $130,000


6. Piaget Polo 32 mm White Gold Pave Diamond Watch – $130,000


7. Piaget Rectangle a L’ Ancienne XL Pink Gold Diamond Watch – $110,000


8. Piaget Polo 28 mm White Gold Pave Diamond Watch – $110,000


The brand Piaget is one of those rare watchmakers who create, cultivate and yield its timepiece movements domestically, and have been doing so from 1874. Piaget has brought along a unique wealth of labour-intensive expertise, innate to the abundant tradition of Swiss watch making and continually rejuvenated by the dream of extraordinary watchmakers.