Most Expensive Designer Couches

Most Expensive Designer Couches

Most Expensive Designer Couches

For those who like to take naps and often get a good rest in the two ­seater couch or sofa, definitely would try one of the following sofas or wonder how it feel to stay in them.

Besides the price every sofa featured in the list of the most expensive sofas in the world has a particular design, fabric, feature, or a name that makes the difference. In the following we will take a ride in the furniture world and take a glimpse at the most expensive sofas in the world.

1.Ron Arad Stainless Steel Sofa - $201,500/Person


The stainless steel sofa designed by architect Ron Arad is the most expensive sofa in the world. It was created with a solid finish and a numerous curves to create a w­shape design. It is worth £201,500 and is so distinctive that it even went on display at New York’s Museum of Modern Art in 2009.

2. Plume Blanche Diamond Encrusted Sofa - $123,600/Person


The previous sofas we have discussed I’m sure you could easily imagine in your home, however there are some that are for an acquired taste and are extremely limited editions. For instances, the Plume blanche sofa was manufactured with mahogany wood, leather and a lacquer finish. It has a numerous real diamonds placed all over its body. Due to these diamonds being embedded within the sofa, the fine finish and that it is limited edition – there was only 50 of these ever made means this sofa is worth £123,600.

3.The Eames Sofa - $6500/Person


The Eames sofa is a luxurious sofa that fits three people and is finished with leather.It uses aluminium legs and thick urethane ­filled cushions that are about two inches thick. You can purchase this sofa at most stores for around £6,500.

4. Fabio Leather Cinema Cofa - $6000/Person


5. VIG Crocodile Leather - $5700/Person


6. Padmas Plantation Loft Selectional - $5500/Person


7. Sunpan Modern Bugatti Grain Leather Sofa - $5000/Person


8. Sloane Leather Corner Sofa - $4600/Person


9. Vig Chesterfield Leather Sofa - $4300/Person


10. Lexington Upholstered Salon Sofa - $3,900/Person