Most Expensive Office Chairs

Most Expensive Office Chairs

Most Expensive Office Chairs

Office chairs are necessary furniture needed for such a working place. There has been a gradual development and improvement on these chairs over time, bringing the best humankind never thought there would be to life, helping create a luxurious office environment best to work in. History has it that the first office chairs were made in the mid nineteenth century.

From office chairs with no wheels to the invention of swivel types of chairs with wheel, it is certain that there can never miss a list of the most luxurious and equally the most expensive office chairs in the world. In fact, Yves Saint Laurent, a famous French designer, made history as the founder of the world’s most expensive chairs.

1. Eames Executive Work Chair – $5,179

eames executive work chair

This type of chair is comfortable to work with, looks gorgeous is size having a deep cushion, and with padded arms, which are unmistakable. It is steeped in a very rich tradition and an elegant comfort. It has an affordable price of $5,179 USD.

2. Wegner Swivel Chair - $10,600

wegner swivel chair

The Wagner Swivel chair does not compromise as it provides comfort and ergonomics as overriding considerations. The chair is marked a turning point, which is not only for Wegner but also for the Danish design generally. Its top bar is made up of a solid wood, which has been twisted like a propeller. This type of chair was to be the Danish craftsmen with no second thought since it would be sold at a very high price. A single Wegner chair will only go for $10,600 USD.

3. Eames Soft Executive Chairs - $4,639

eames soft executive chairs

It features a lightweight aluminum and an upholstered foam cushion that is much comfortable to work on. In addition, it has a five star base having a caster for mobility, a tilt-swivel mechanism, and a seat-height adjustment that is mainly for maximum customization and comfort to the user. This seat is amazing regardless and it goes for $4,639.

4. Aston Chair – $3160 

aston chair

5. Freedom Task Chair - $2,800

freedom task chair

6. Spectrum West Chair - $2,700


Chairs are one of the most important item that one can possess. It is not only in offices that chairs are needed but they also required in many places like homes and learning institutions. If you are one who tends to look into prices and want the most expensive because you believe quality is not cheap, the above could make the best option for you for sure.