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We must balance conspicuous consumption with conscious capitalism. Gucci, popular global fashion brand was founded by Guccio Gucci in the 1920s.He was an immigrant in Paris and then moved to London.

The founder of this brand used to work in big hotels and was always amused by the luggage the guests used to carry.

Gucci History & Timeline

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He was often inspired by the lavish lifestyle of others. He decided to integrate the lavish living with his art of craftsmanship. He started working with the skills of Tuscan artisans. He started initially with the selling of the leather bags to the horsemen. With time, the leather bags got converted into luxury bags.

guccio gucci

Gucci along with his two sons expanded his work and opened a company. The company stores were then opened in Milan and Rome. Fine leather accessories of commendable quality were sold in the stores of Gucci.

marco bizzarri

All the products had a signature logo of the company on them. The brand saw great success in next few years. Most of the clients were horse-riding people and this inspired the logo of Gucci. This logo was first used on leather handbags. Gucci continued to experiment with different materials for the products.

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One of the finest collections out of these was creating the handle of the Bamboo bag by adding patina to the cane of it. The Bamboo inspired patterns existed for many years. Gucci was later inspired for the trademark of the company with a green and red web stripe in the 1950s. This web stripe appeared in a number of products of the company for many years. After the death of Gucci, his sons took over the family business. They opened the Gucci stores all around the world and the business reached new heights.

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The products of Gucci are internationally renowned for their unique style and designs. The famous Gucci scarf print was created after the request from the Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly. Gucci continued to open more and more stores in London and the USA market in the 1960s.

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The brand is not known only for the Italian craftsmanship, but also for the unique style of clothing collection. Gucci continued to reinvent new design and style of products. The brand also suffered from the licensing drift in the 1970 like other brands.

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Till now, Gucci is the most expensive brand in the world for consumer goods. It is one of the biggest selling brands of Italy. There are around 270 stores of Gucci all over the world. It is also considered as the most valuable brand of all time all across the world. Gucci also has a children’s line of clothing and accessories. The company started this new collection in the year 2010. This collection is available in around 40 stores all around the world. Gucci is also in partnership with UNICEF since 2005. The company donates particular percentage of the sales to UNICEF.

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Gucci has a business record of having the most expensive jeans in the world called Genius Jeans. The Gunnies World Records sited this as the most expensive pair. But later, this record was surpassed by Levi Strauss & Co. which is also a 115 year old company in consumer goods. 

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