Lillian Gish Quotes

Lillian Gish Quotes

Lillian Gish is counted among most outstanding American actresses. She has also played the role of a director and writer as well. She was a multi talented girl whose life is an inspiration to all the people. Her quotes teach us how to live life, how to gain happiness and how to be the better person. In her life she has always struggle in her life, at very age she lost her father then also she never lost the hope and always was very optimistic and learned to live happy in every situation.


A Happy Life is
"A happy life is one spent in learning, earning, and yearning "

Similarly her quotes are inspiration to us and teach us to be happy in every situation. Her quotes always inspired us to keep learning and many quotes of her shows that she was always desperate to learn something new every day. She was bold and strong and always fought for the equality of female actress in the Hollywood and she made quotes on this subject which inspired many actress and people then and they continue to admire today also.

She was regarded as the one of the best actress of that time and she has received accolades from all spheres of life. Her quotes on life are exemplary. She always preached the fact to have faith in every situation and be optimistic about everything. She inspired us to be happy and motivated in every situation in your life.

She never married and had children, this shows her strong personality and motivates us to be very strong and be calm and happy in her situation. She always believed in giving happiness to others and her whole life was dedicated to social work.