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Johnny Depp was born in Kentucky, 1963. His first notable appearance on screen was in 1964 with Nightmare on Elm Street after having appeared in a number of smaller parts. After his moderate success, Johnny Depp focused on studying acting and the lessons paid off in 1987, when he did the television show called 21 Jump Street. Ever since, Johnny has appeared in a number of excellent films that have done remarkably well in the box office.

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    He has gained significant popularity and critical acclaim with his films such as Edward Scissor hands, Alice in Wonderland, Sleepy Hollow and of course, Pirates of the Caribbean Series. Depp had started out as a musician at the age of 16 with a garage band. It was Nicolas Cage who noticed potential in Johnny Depp and helped him bag role in Nightmare. A huge success in Hollywood, Johnny Depp quotes have been quite inspiring for fans all over the world.

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