Mike Tyson Quotes

Mike Tyson Quotes

The name Mike Tyson is familiar to almost every person across the globe,along with the fact, that at one time he was theundisputed world heavyweight championof Professional Boxing. Apart from that he is also known for his chaotic and frenzied personallife and a ‘larger than life’ lifestyle. Dubbed as the “The Baddest Man on the Planet” for his assertive nature, Tyson is perhaps the only boxer in the world to have gained the celebrity status which he is so well recognized for. But reaching such heights wasn’t easy for the man and he toiled tirelessly from the very beginning to achieve all that he has today.

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  • 1. Not your enemy

    "Everybody you fight is not your enemy and everybody that helps you is not your friend"

    2. My Weakness is my sensitivity iam too sesitivity

    "My biggest weakness is my sensitivity. I am too sensitive a person"

    3. I Feel Im Not for the society

    " I feel like sometimes that I was not meant for this society"

    4. How to get Economically Powerful

    "I can inspire people on how to use money, how to get economically Powerful"