Norman Cousins Quotes

Norman Cousins Quotes

Norman Cousins is survived by many inspiring and thought provoking quotes that were often meant to improve our outlook on life and achievements. Norman Cousins was a journalist by profession who also served as an American political author, professor and advocate of peace around the world.


Life is an advent
"Life is an adventure in forgiveness"

After completing his studies in college he joined New York Evening Post and rapidly rose in ranks to become one the editors. He was thorough in his work and during his tenure as managing editor circulation rose from 20,000 to 650,000. In his own words he often asked the newspaper journalist to do more than write; instead he advised them to own their work, serve it nurture it and safeguard it. This attitude became part of his personality so much that he will be remembered as a person who stood firmly against misrepresentation of facts in the newspapers and political circles.

Norman Cousins quotes reflect an intense passion for life and he reported to have been a strong believer in hope, and the reality of optimism. One of Norman Cousins most memorable quotes says that life is akin to an adventure of forgiveness. His passion appears to have kept him alive for years after his first heart attack that saw doctors give him a 10 years lease of life; he lived 26 years after his initial collagen disease and 36 years after his first diagnosis of heart disease. He is today survived by his children and 26 grand children; a fact that would have many re-examine these passionate quotes that reflected his unshakeable faith in achieving his goals.