Friedrich Nietzsche Quotes

Friedrich Nietzsche Quotes

Friedrich Nietzsche was a cultural critic, German philosopher, poet, musical composer, and a scholar. His works have exerted a deep influence on human society. His quotes and sayings have always helped humans to overcome the hardships of their loves and experience the fulfilment of their. He always believed that an individual’s richness depends on what his/her soul has "actually" experienced.

Pardon and Condemn

If there is so
"If there is something to pardon in everything, there is also something to condemn"

Friedrich Nietzsche poems have always in an inspiration in disguise. His collections not only inspire the readers but also allow them to gain a fuller understanding and a profound view Nietzsche’s world. In one of his speeches, he once mentioned that an individual has always to struggle for keeping himself overwhelmed by his tribe. The person will find himself lonely and frightened. But no value is really too high for the privilege that one gains on owning yourself. He has always inspired the human race to live with dignity at any cost.

Friedrich Nietzsche philosophy says that individuals can’t give their hearts to “fears”. Nietzsche was considered a symbol of self-control, balance, progress, logical thinking, peace and moderation. His works and concepts are associated closely with the philosophy of his life. Often, Nietzsche stressed that human life is the highest good in itself and one should always try make the best out of it. He was of the view that spiritual life of a person is offshoot of his/her bodily life. According to him only weak people need inhibitions, laws and morality because they aren’t tough enough to their life with fullness. His quotes always inspired people to live a life of dignity and fuller happiness.