Famous Writers

Writer is a person who pens down his/her thought in various formats either in form of short stories or novels or rhyme. They are considered as the most creative person, who has over the years inspired a lot of people through their various genre of writings. There could be writers for commercial books and journals, whereas same for academic books & journals.Here are some famous Writers listed below who have contributed their bit to the world of literature:

Writers follow a specific style of their own to narrate a story & that is what their followers like most & remain intrigued to. Not necessarily a writer needs to write his own book or novel – there are writers who act as Columnist in leading newspapers & magazines. Writers express themselves through their writings.

Being a writer needs lot of intellect, open mindedness, unbiased approach, knowledgeable & ability to research and good command over the language. Writers have a huge capability of stirring a movement in a society, they are responsible citizens & puts forward their opinion to represent the population at large. These days writers strive for commercial success, they write novels with proper twists n turns to gain the attention of audience – by virtue of which they are also professionals who earns hefty sum of pay cheques from their publishers. Writers also build their image in order to position themselves in front of their readers & gain popularity among masses.