Francis Bacon Quotes

1st Viscount St Alban, Francis Bacon was an English jurist, philosopher, author, jurist, essayist and statesman. He played the role of Lord Chancellor of England as well as Attorney General. Francis Bacon’s essays were extremely popular amongst his reader and still continue to be. His biography is available on the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Besides this, Francis’ quotes had a profound influence on readers.

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  • 1. More Opportunities

    "Wise men make more opportunities than they find."

    2. Money is a Good Servant but bad master

    "Money is a Good Servant but a bad master."

    Francis’s sayings and adages were extremely educative and informative too. Some of Francis Bacon’s important works include ‘The Wisdom of the Ancients’, Meditationes Sacrae and several others. As a jurist, Francis also wrote several works for the reform of English Law. Legally his work was in accordance the Natural Laws. It is said that Bacon created empiricism. Bacon’s political career had a disgraceful end but that had no effects whatsoever on his philosophical and scientific works. Francis was a sincere and dedicated man who worked hard to go down in history.

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