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Winner of three Pulitzer prizes, Carl August Sandburg was an American writer, poet and editor. Sandburg played a massive role in contemporary literature throughout his lifetime, having given some memorable Carl Sandburg quotes. Besides the Pulitzer Prize, Sandburg has also won the prestigious Robert Frost Medal. Sandburg’s notable works that he was most popularly known for include Rootabaga Stories, Chicago Poems, Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years and The War Years and The People, Yes. Another interesting fact about Sandburg was that though he attended college in Lombard, he never ever graduated.

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    "Time is the Coin of Life. Only you can Determine how it will be spent"

    Sandburg strongly encouraged his reader and followers to not be afraid of having dreams and do whatever was required to accomplish their dreams. Sandburg also truly believed that living in the past was of no use and living in the future was futile. Thus he urged people to fearlessly move forward in life and forget the past. Sandburg was a hardworking man who put in sincere efforts to achieve his dreams and voiceD his opinions boldly.

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