Jewel Quotes

An extraordinarily talented artist Jewel has given some of best art pieces to the world. She is an accomplished multi talented singer, song writer, poet and an actress. Born in 1974, she started her career at very young age of six. She used to perform with her singer-songwriter parents. Before her first release, Pieces in You in 1995, she played at San Diego coffee houses. Along with her musical interest, Jewel is a poet and an actress. So far she has acted in Civil War Drama and Ride with the devil. She has also written several books

Jewel has written lot of quotes those can guide everyone well in life. Her raw talent, impressive voice and lyrics have impressed managers of Atlantic Record and with them her marvelous journey of music has started. She is popular as folk star. She has touched people’s heart with the sensitivity she conveys in her songs. She is been nominated for Grammy Award and so far 27 million copies of her albums are been sold worldwide.

Along with her talents and tremendous success, Jewel has something more to offer to the world. Her life quotes also convey lot of depth. She is taking time out to help people around the world. In 1998 she has started charitable institute that run many projects in several countries. She has a strong desire to contribute to the humanitarian causes. One of her project aims at providing clean drinking water to masses. She donates some portion from her income to her organization and also organizes shows to contribute to her initiative.

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